Dave's World You Look Like a Girl in Those!
Posted By:David Schuster
Posted On:Feb 9 2010 5:31PM

I love the Horny Toad motto, “Everyday is an adventure!” Today was a simple yet fine adventure and it all came down to feeling I got from a pair of sunglasses.

I was planning the simple adventure of running two and a half miles to work by passing through the Big Foot Beach State Park along the local bike path; and catching a shower at the YMCA. I put on my awesome do everything pants, the Patagonia Guide Pants (I run, ski, go out to dinner, and even wear them to church) and my Icebreaker Skin 200 top, but couldn’t find my sunglasses!  I finally took my wife’s super stylin’, big girlie glasses, the Georgia by Kaenon.  Yes, I wore these:

This evoked a silly (among others) feeling, and the attempt of not worrying about being cool by believing that I was pushing the super cool envelope. I always preach the importance of function over fashion and the glasses are super comfortable... how bad could it be?  So I closed out the “I look like a girl” feeling and rode the wave of silly. The run was a blast, and nobody probably even noticed.

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