Motivated Moms Who Am I- A Mom In Bloom
Posted By:Heather Nelson
Posted On:Sep 24 2010 9:18AM

Who am I? I am motivation. I am drive. I am fear, and I am life. I am hope and I am dreaming. I am desperate and I am unseeming. I am peace and I am rest. I am the worst and I am the best. I am joy and I am sorrow. I am yesterday, I am tomorrow. I am today and I don’t know. I have to stay, I need to go. My heart is torn, my spirit rent. I won’t give up, though I am spent.
I am passion, and I am drive. Daily facing death, I am alive. I won’t give up, I won’t give in, I will see this through till my journey’s end.
I am a wife, a mom, a friend. I’m reaching to what’s around the bend. I am a season. I am a time. This life I live is no longer mine. I have to rest, I must refuel. I have to run and go to school. My child’s calling, my hair’s a mess, my mom- she loves me- nonetheless.
I am family. I am will. I have so much to accomplish still. So off I go to pass the test. Forget the past, reach for the best. I am a tree, the wind, the waves, the surf that crashes, warm summers’ days. I am the sun, I am the moon, the bird that’s singing, I am in bloom. I am the earth, I am the sky, I am the stars…I cannot lie…I AM ME. I am creation and I am breath, ever renewed till I face death. But for now I have a LIFE to live, so I will shout it from the mountaintops, and give all that I can give!
I am so thankful to be me on this journey. I am so glad you are you, Mom’s! Each of you are so amazing and uniquely YOU. A mom detailed to me this week a discovery she was enlightened to of the mind-bending length of the human genome and our individual strands of DNA when stretched out would reach to the moon and back….information we may not always think about when the PbJ is smeared in our hair and the play room is trashed Again! But I am convinced, down to your very structure and being, you are fabulously, fantastically, fantabulously You! NO ONE could replace You! I celebrate me. I celebrate you! Unashamed.
Motivated to be a mom,
Reaching once again,
                                                   “Peace is always beautiful.”
                                                           -Walt Whitman

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