Clear Water Outdoor What To Include In Your Outdoor Fitness First-Aid Kit
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Posted On:Sep 8 2011 2:58PM

Tips for creating a first-aid kit for your outdoor wilderness activities.

When you're heading out into the wilderness, whether it be for an afternoon adventure or for a week long trek into the woods, it is important that you remember to pack everything that you need for a safe, enjoyable trip-- a few extra pairs of comfortable socks, enough water and food to keep you comfortable during your adventure, and any equipment and tools that are essential for your activity.
However, while most people create a well-put-together checklist before they head off into the wild, very few people remember to pack the single most important accessory required for any outdoor enthusiast: a well-stocked emergency kit.
While a few Band-Aids or Ace Bandages can help out in a tough spot, there are many additional emergency items that you should have on you each time you head into the mountains or woods. Unfortunately, for most people, they don't realize that they should have packed these items until they find themselves in need of them.
Luckily, we have made it easy by finding out some of the most important, yet forgotten, items that belong in an outdoor fitness first-aid kit. Be sure that you remember to include these items next time you head out into the woods:
A Rescue Flash Mirror: Many hunters, hikers, boaters and other outdoor enthusiasts have all been rescued in the wild by using a simple flash mirror as a signaling device. These lightweight, indestructible mirrors are visible over 20 miles away and are a "must have" survival tool for anyone who is heading out into the wild.
An Emergency Heat Sheet: If you ever find yourself in the middle of the outdoors, forced to spend an unexpected night outside, you will be thanking yourself that you have included an emergency heat blanket in your first-aid kit. Many of these protective sheets have the ability to reflect nearly 90% of your body heat back to you when you're tightly wrapped inside, yet they pack down to the small size of a kiwi and often weigh less than four ounces. They also have the added benefit of being completely sealed, therefore no wind, snow or rain is able to get inside.
A Fire Starter Kit: One of the last things you want to be stuck in the mountains or woods without is an emergency fire starter kit, especially if the temperature drops after the sun goes down. Most fire starter kits are waterproof, windproof and burn up to three minutes long, allowing for plenty of time to light a fire. They are also usable with just one hand and have been tested for over 1,000 sparks.
A Blister And Foot Care Kit: As many runners, hikers and mountain climbers already know, the one part of your body that you always want to ensure is healthy and in working order is your feet. If you are overwhelmed by swollen feet and blisters, you are not going to be getting very far in your outdoor adventure. Therefore, it is very important that you remember to pack a blister and foot care kit that will ensure that your feet are always in the best shape possible.
Many outdoor retail stores also sell all-in-one emergency and medical kits for outdoor enthusiasts on the go who are looking for all of the important supplies in one quick kit.
Either way, be sure that you tailor your emergency kit to each type of activity and sport that you plan on participating in so that you are prepared for each and every mishap that may occur along the way. After all, taking proper preventative maintenance towards staying safe and healthy every time you head outside will ensure plenty more outdoor trips in your future.
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