Clear Water Outdoor Wet and Wild Fitness: How To Get Started With Kayaking
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Posted On:Aug 29 2011 11:11AM

What to know before you paddle out on your first kayaking adventure.

Water sports are a wonderful way to get outside and soak up some of the last remaining warm days of the summer season. Not only can water activities give you a chance to connect with nature and explore exciting surroundings that you simply can't get to by car or foot, but they also are a great form of exercise for people who don't enjoy the monotonous feeling of the gym or the treadmill.
Water activities also act as a great form of exercise for people who are looking to explore new adventures and get back into shape. Because many water sports take place in beautiful locations and can often be performed with friends and family, there is really no excuse as to why you shouldn't jump right into the water and get your heart pumping!

One of the best ways to explore new watery worlds and enjoy nature is through kayaking. This popular paddle sport, which is a favorite of many outdoor enthusiasts, is a great way to gain confidence in your abilities on the water and take advantage of the many health and environmental benefits that this fun sport has to offer.
However, like with any fitness activity or rigorous outdoor sport, it is important that you know where to begin and what to expect from your kayaking adventure. The time you take to prepare will not give you an idea of the basics of kayaking, but it could also make the difference between a good and bad outdoor experience.
Here are just a few points to focus on before you head out into the water on your first kayaking adventure:
What To Look For In A Kayak
Before considering the different kayaking boat options that are available to you, it is first important to ask yourself a few basic questions:
·        Where will I be using my kayak? (Rivers, streams, calm water, rapids, etc.)
·         Do I plan on using a kayak for solo adventures or with a group?
·         How often do I plan on kayaking?
Answering these questions will help you determine which type of kayak is best for your needs and purpose. Next, your height and weight will determine the length of the boat that you choose. It's also important to keep in mind that you may be packing additional accessories and outdoor gear into your kayak, so do not wedge yourself too tightly into the boat.
What To Know Before You Paddle Out
Your equipment is not the only thing that can set a fun kayaking adventure apart from a bad day. There are several things that you should do before heading out into the water:
·        Prepare for any accidents: Be sure to bring along a fully stocked first aid kit in case you run into any problems along your trip. It is also strongly advised that at least one person in your outdoor group be familiar with first aid and CPR training in case any major complications occur.
·         Wear proper gear: Always make sure to wear a personal flotation device that doubles as a visual signal. These are typically jackets that are in a bright color, such as orange or yellow, so that they can be seen at long distances.
·         Check the weather forecast: Not only is it important to double check for any impending storms or serious weather conditions, but you should also be aware of the water temperature, wave size, and strength of currents and tides when heading out onto the water.
There are many factors that go into a successful kayaking trip. While the right type of paddling equipment and gear is vital, it is also important to be well prepared each and every time you head out on an outdoor adventure. Not only will this ensure your safety, but it will also make the experience much more enjoyable in the long run.
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