News From Other Outdoor Nuts! Wednesday March 31, 2010
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Posted On:Mar 31 2010 4:02PM

I realized today that my personal interests definitely seem to be leaking into this blog that is supposed to perpetuate the stories that are of interest to Clear Water Outdoor. However I will and I must say that I do this shamelessly, start the day with another climbing story. Paul Robinson, who frequents both Bishop and Buttermilks, completed his long time project, Rastaman Vibration Sit Start in Buttermilks. This has been long considered an extremely hard route. Most people who have attempted it rate it at V15. However Paul, the only person to complete the route so far, has suggested a V16 rating due to the difficulty of the route and the fact that it is a high ball climb. High ball routes are the new “thing” in climbing. High ball routes are not only long and difficult routes but also very high off the ground. As you are bouldering these routes(climbing small cliffs and boulders without protection) it makes the risk of danger much higher. This a great story with some beautiful pictures to go along with it. In the pictures you can see Paul climbing in Patagonia Retro Grade Pants. Link to the story and pictures can be found here.

The second story of the day is not extremely significant or overtly interesting but it grabbed my attention because it is a beautiful day out and these people are doing what I would love to be doing right now. The story is about a group of 14 friends who se t out to paddle around the Sea of Galilee in a single day. All said and done the trip took around 9 hours and included some great weather, kayak surfing, strong headwinds, and even the saving of a cormorants life as he was entangled in some fishing line. The story is relatively short but leaves you wanting to go hit the lake yourself and includes some great pictures of the sea, the boats, the fortunate fowl, and even some shots of a gentleman using a very sleek looking Werner paddle. Links to the story can be found here.

Well unfortunately time has flown by and we only had time for two stories today. But you should also check out the story on Obama’s new plan for off shore drilling. This link includes the story and pictures of where drilling will and won’t occur. Links to the story can be found here. If you feel passionately about this issue please contact your senators or congressman. Links to find out how are found here. These are the stories that seemed relevant to us today. Be sure to comment and let us know about the stories that matter to you! Send us a picture of yourself on some kind of outdoor adventure for our April Adventurer of the Month Competition where you can win a coupon for 15% off select non sale item. Entries can be sent to

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