Motivated Moms Warding Off Winter Weight
Posted By:Heather Nelson
Posted On:Sep 19 2010 12:20AM

I have determined that I am not going to add a Fall 5 to my winter weight and my summer somethings. In an effort to maintain and increase my physical abilities and health throughout the end of 2010, I decided to spontaneously go for a sunset run. Consider it a kickoff to a season of harvest. Simple efforts applied regular truly can bring a ripe, sweet reward. 
I have always been one to set my sights high, but still have a tendency to temper my ideals with reason and practicality. So, in the name of reason, I did not try to be back to my pre-children physique in 5 runs, rather, just to make some small improvement in the notch of my belt. Since I threw on my jeans and found a good number of them snug, I am blatantly aware that my summer snacking paid off!  And not necessarily to the end I was reaching for!  Lol…
As moms we face time constraints and have to balance the homework with the housework and everything in between. So, to find the workout that works takes a bit of finagling. I decided to throw on my Five Fingers, bust out the kid’s bikes, and make do with an exercise mixer. The kids were excited to have the opportunity to burn a bit of extra juice before settling down for the evening, and mom was glad to be getting her butt in gear, before the jeans get any tighter.  Sometimes it’s about seizing the MOMent when the motivation occurs, and our energy levels allow. 
But, you ask, how do you carry the house keys, cell phone, some water? (Or at least that was my question.) I wanted to make sure I could be smart and safe on a run/ride with my kids, and make sure there was some refreshment in tow that left me hands-free, should my kids need some assistance along the way (which they did). So, perfect for the MOMent was the Camelbak. It was ideal for our short run and bike ride. 
All in all, the event was a success, despite a MOMent of my youngest wanting me to take upon some child-carrying/bike-pulling time midway through the run. Needless to say, with some creativity, the wee one was back on the bike and we were belly-laughing our way to racing back home. Finding my legs with the runner’s “twitch”, indicating some success I think, I was pleased with our last-minute motivational MOMent seized, and intend to snag some more of these in this harvest season.
Here’s to bringing in your own harvest, Motivated Mamas!
Snagging the seasoned fruits and hoping you keep reaching for yours,

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