Motivated Moms Waiting for Snow
Posted By:Heather Nelson
Posted On:Jan 10 2011 11:02PM

During the winter months, do you ever find yourself waiting for snow? I heard it was supposed to possibly snow 3-6 inches tonight. I feel like a little girl looking out the window again and again in search of Santa in the sky and Rudolph’s nose lighting up the night. I can’t help but resist peeking out again and again to see if the fluff has started falling from the sky. 
I am a girl that loves the tropical waters, finds life and breath at the ocean’s shores and at the sound of it’s roars, but come wintertime, born and raised in the Midwest, I can’t help but long for a good snow and a romp in the white popcorn ice fluffs falling in the darkness. I want to lie down on my back and form a few snow angels while I get lost in the glistening night with my children. 
I am waiting. The night is not over. I imagine throwing on my favorite snowpants, cushy warm and insulated jacket, and my long-awaited Cate the Great’s and venturing out into the night.   I would tackle it in warmth, and be ready for some snowball fights with my OR Adrenaline Mitts, just like my kids, and would still be smiling after an hour of play. The only thing to pull me in would be the calling of hot cocoa with some freshly made whip cream in my Isi Whip Cream Whipper.  I cave at the comforts of a cozy home after a cold night, even with the proper gear. I love to hunker down and dream of snow days to come. 
I hope this night finds you still reaching for the wonder of a fresh snowfall…
And if not tonight, I hope I will awaken to a fresh, glittering crunch in the morning….
To wonder in the journey,

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