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Posted On:Mar 30 2010 3:24PM

If you have seen the weather reports for this upcoming week you may notice that summer seems to be on its way. This of course gets us thinking about all those little vacation spots we want to visit over the summer and what we want to do on them. While perusing through travel channel website I just so happened to find one that featured not only kayaking but also stand up paddle boarding. Chris, of the Travel Channel, put together a great short video on five things you have to do in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Number one is enjoying nature and if you look close you can see that the boats they are paddling in are Wilderness System Pungo 120s. Number three on the list is stand up paddle boarding! Be sure and check out Chris' video here.

Another article of interest today comes from the Environmental News Network. While this is not a thrilling article to read the potential for what is covered is phenomenal. The EPA has set new requirements on their greenhouse gases permits. This action is the final one in a process that we set out on back in 2008 and clarifies when greenhouse gases and other pollutants are covered under the Clean Air Act permitting programs. The link to this full story can be found

A final story that personally peaked my interest is about the young Czech Adam Ondra. Ondra recently climbed Chris Sharma's Golpe de Estado, which is an outrageous 5.15 route in Spain. Climbing is one of the few sports out there where you stand next to your heroes and Ondra is a perfect example of this. A Russian website recently got a very thorough interview with Ondra and the story, which can be found
, also contains links to the interview.

These are the stories that seemed relevant to us today. Be sure to comment and let us know about the stories that matter to you! Send us a picture of yourself on some kind of outdoor adventure for our April Adventurer of the Month Competition where you can win a coupon for 15% off select non sale item. Entries can be sent to

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