Kristen's Adventures as a minimalist, Barefoot and Vibram, runner Tracking the Turkey Trot race course at Big Foot State Park, Lake Geneva
Posted By:Kristen Westlake
Posted On:Oct 23 2010 3:54PM

The sixth annual Turkey Trot at the Big Foot Beach State Park is November 20.

Hosted by the good folks at Clear Water Outdoor and Friends of Bigfoot, the "Trot" brought in over 500 runners to the event last year! The proceeds raised from The Big Foot Turkey Trot support the beautiful park and it's trails. Besides being "run" for a great cause the Turkey trot is a great time to gather with other nature and running enthusiasts.

Big Foot State Park - beautiful miles of trails and woods.

The Turkey Trot is run on all (well mostly) trail with the exception of a few very short road segments. These segments simply lead you to the next awesome trail. Choose from either a 5K or a 10K. 5K translates to 3.1 miles and a 10K is a 6.2 mile run.

Dave, co-owner of Clear Water Outdoor, met with Donny Armour and I yesterday to show us by running with us, the first 5K of the course. We tracked with our GPS apps the whole course but today will be doing a more accurate account ...

the Turkey Trot course at Big Foot State Park

I will be posting this track in the very near future for all of those individuals who want to be familiar with the course before race time!


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