Clear Water Outdoor Tips For Choosing The Perfect Pair Of Outdoor Winter Boots
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Posted On:Mar 8 2012 4:59PM

Keep your toes warm this winter with a sturdy pair of winter boots.

Late February through mid-March is the time each year when many outdoor enthusiasts get that familiar itch to get outside and see what they have been missing all winter long. However, don't let the time of year fool you. Even though Spring is technically only a handful of weeks away, there is still a cold chill floating across many states throughout the country, which can be aggravating for people who have been stuck inside all winter long. Unfortunately, there are still many more frigid winter days to come before we hit spring once again.
However, just because the weather may be less than favorable for a winter adventure, doesn't mean that you still can't get outside and explore, as long as you have the right gear to protect you from the chilly winter elements.
If you live in an area where winter weather includes rain, snow or slush, the most important thing to have whenever you step outside is a nice, comfortable pair of insulated winter boots. Your feet are the one part of your body that is the furthest away from your heart, meaning that it's very hard for your body to keep comfortably warm when it is cold out.
There are many different elements that make up a great pair of winter boots, which can make it difficult when you are trying to decide which are best for you and your the type of winter activities that you will be participating in. To help you get a better idea of what you should look out for, we have put together some basic information about what qualities make up a sturdy pair of winter boots:
Made For The Right Conditions
All winter boots should have a few different elements in common: they should be warm, they should be waterproof, and they should provide at least some type of traction in the snow. For extremely cold weather, you should choose boots that have liners or a temperature rating that lines up with the general weather temperatures in your region.
It's also important to consider your winter habits when you are picking out the perfect pair of boots. If you spend a lot of time hiking snowy trails, you'll want a taller boot that has a good tread on the bottom. This should keep you from floundering in the snow and slipping on icy patches. If you intent to stick to sidewalks and roads, try to find a lightweight booth with decent ankle support.
Right Amount Of Lining
One of the most important things to pay attention to when choosing a pair of winter boots is how much insulation they have. This is the key part of your boot that will ensure warm toes when you are out in the depths of the snow. Here are a few guidelines to follow so you choose the right insulation for your needs:
·         Uninsulated-200 grams: Not good for cold weather - these are spring-to-fall boots.
·         400-800 grams: Best weight for high activity in cold weather or less activity in semi-cold weather.
·         1000-2000 grams: The best for frigid, mid-winter weather or many hours sitting motionless.
For more information about choosing a pair of winter boots that is best for your winter needs, be sure to come into Clear Water Outdoors to speak with one of our cold-weather experts who can help you choose the perfect boot for your winter activities. Happy trails!
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