Fashionable Adventures Three Women Approved Outfits for Men
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Posted On:May 6 2011 1:32PM

Three Women Approved Outfits for Men;
Guaranteed to get that first date and to stay stylish all year long!

Have you ever seen a guy that is wearing plaid shorts and plaid shirt to the point where it looks as if a tablecloth exploded all over him? Or have you seen a guy in his 30s with bright lime green sneakers, heavily washed whiskered and torn denim jeans, and a futuristic graphic tee that makes him look as if he has walked straight out a rap music video? The truth is, these outfits appear everyday, along with other horrendous outfits. In a world that is so fashion forward, it seems that there is not a lot of guidance for men out there. This is where we come in!

With a suggestion from one of our coworkers, we set out to make a set of three "Women approved outfits for Men." The outfits include; beach casual (everyday wear), outdoorsmen (travel and active wear), and finally our semi-formal outfit (perfect for date night). We also enlisted some of our unwilling coworkers; Luke, Duda, and Dan. With a few revisions after receiving stern, "I'm not wearing that" and some eye-rolling, Kellie and I came up with some outfits to jazz up these three!

A few stylish tips to get you started before we dig in too far;
1. Do go towards great fabrics... the better the material, the longer it will last. Many fabrics will feel different on the skin and are appropriate for different seasons. Right now we are all about organic cotton, not so hot about merino wool!
2. Color is great but please don't dress like an Easter egg exploded! A few colorful accessories such as bright belt and matching colorful watch is a great way to add a pop of color.
3. Dress for the seasons. In the summer we want to see brighter colors, not so much darks. Plus darker colors will attract heat.
4. Get rid of your tattered and torn jeans. Unless you want to look like you're still in high school, upgrade to a great dark wash denim.
5. One of the biggest improvements that you can make is great fitting clothing. Most men wear clothing that is too large. Choose clothing that is snug so that it fits your body but make sure that it is not too tight. It is also important to find the right length of pants for your body type!

Now for the outfits... drumroll please!

Dan is wearing our beach casual outfit. This outfit is perfect for any summer day and combines a great mix of muted and bold colors, as well as fabrics such as seersucker. Seersucker is a thin, all cotton fabric that mostly consists of vertical strips and is a great option for spring and summer clothing. The weaving also appears to be wrinkled in areas due to the way that the threads bunch together. We paired the Horny Toad Seersucka Shorts with a cool Endurance Conspiracy Graphic Tee (could take the polo off for the beach and put the polo back on to go to dinner) and Patagonia's Sandstone Polo. This polo is a great option as it is made out of Vitaliti Performance Fabric which will dry quickly and drapes nicely. We finished off Dan's look with a pair of leather Olukai Sandals and some sharp polarized (will remove the glare off of water) Kaenon Sunglasses.

Shop Dan's beach casual outfit:
Patagonia Sandstone Polo $69
Horny Toad Seersucka Short $62
Endurance Conspiracy Crossroads Teeshirt $30
Olukai Kukui Sandals $100
Kaenon Kabin Sunglasses $204

For Duda we decided to deck him out in full bold colored outdoorsmen apparel. Perfect for a day hike around the nearest state park or for a fly fishing adventure with the guys. No matter what, he will still look good! We started with the short sleeve Mountain Hardwear Canyon Shirt which is designed specifically for hiking and backpacking. Its seams fit perfectly under packs, is wrinkle resistant, quick drying, and offers UPF 30 sun protection! We then choose a great breathable pant, Patagonia's Rock Guide Pant, which allows a quick change from pants to shorts. These pants are meant for the active man and made from high-quaity stretch nylon. We finished Duda's outfit with a trucker hat and the brand new Teva Gnarsoki water shoes. The Gnarsoki features drain frames perforations throughout the shoe that allow water to drain quickly and has a spider rubber out-soul to provide enough grip for any slick river bank.

Shop Duda's outdoorsmen outfit:
Mountain Hardwear Canyon Shirt $50
Patagonia Rock Guide Zip Off Pant $89
Patagonia Trucker Hat $25
Teva Gnarsoki $100

Finally, we had the pleasure to dress our in-store model, Luke. Because of his fun spirit, we put him in a semi-formal dinner (or date night) appropriate outfit! We started with Horny Toad's Peter T-shirt, a basic undershirt that picked up some of the brown color in the button-down. Prana's organic cotton, Whiskey Short Sleeve Button-Down was the next addition to Luke's outfit. Featuring western style plaid stitching and chest pockets, this is a great way to bring out some bold colors. The button-down is finished off with pearlized buttons which adds a bit of variety to the shirt. It is also a great shirt that mixes textures and materials. We then choose Patagonia's Regular Fit Jeans. These jeans were designed to be rugged for extreme conditions but also offer a softer side as they are made out of organic cotton. They also feature a button fly closure and the classic 5-pockets. As for shoes we chose the new biodegradable slip on, Gumshoe, by Simple. We finished Luke's outfit off with a pair of M Shades by Optic Nerve sunglasses. These sunglasses are a great way to add color as the lenses pick up the burnt orange color in his shirt!

Shop Luke's semi-formal outfit:
Horny Toad Peter Teeshirt $32
Prana Whiskey SS $50
Patagonia Regular Fit Organic Cotton Jeans $79
M Shades Mainframe Sunglasses $20
Simple Gumshoe $60

With these helpful style tips would be surprised if women didn't start to notice you more. Plus looking great also boosts your inner health and well being!

-Crystal & Kellie

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