Clear Water Outdoor Three Tips For Keeping Healthy During Winter Workouts
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Posted On:Feb 16 2012 2:25PM

How to continue your workouts well into the winter season.

Now that we have officially entered the month of February, the snow, the cold and the frigid wind chills of the winter are no longer as exciting and inviting as they were in early December. Sure, the winter brings lots of fun activities such as sledding, snowball fights and ice skating into our lives. However, for those who are easily discouraged by cold weather, the last few weeks of the winter season can be discouraging in terms of our regular outdoor workouts and fitness activities.

While many people enjoy getting outside and soaking up the smells and sights of the winter season during a hike in the mountains or a bike ride in the woods, it is all too easy to pack away your winter workout gear come the end of the season and start hoping for warmer days. However, despite the challenges that winter weather may bring, such as cold temperatures and wicked winds, there are many hardcore athletes out there who enjoy braving these elements of winter.
However, winter weather does not have to be the scary, intimidating factor that makes you toss aside your tennis shoes until the first sign of spring. With a little preparation, you can enjoy many different activities, from outdoor sports to simple walks around your neighborhood, long after the temperature has dropped.
If you are looking to get the most of your outdoor workout in these last few months of the winter season, be sure to follow these simple tips for exercising in the cold weather. By following our simple winter workout advice, you can stay motivated, fit and warm once the weather turns chilly.
Keep On Top Of The Weather
While it can be exciting and invigorating to exercise outside in the snow and the frost, some days, no matter how much you prepare, the frigid winter weather is just too tough to beat. Therefore, be sure that you are actively keeping up with the weather forecast in the days leading up to your winter activity. If at any time the temperature dips below 0°F or the wind chill is too extreme, consider giving your body a break or choosing a warm indoor activity instead. Extreme weather can make exercising outdoors very unsafe, even if you have taken proper preparations against the cold.
Wear Layers
One of the single biggest mistakes that many outdoor enthusiasts make during the winter months is dressing too warmly. While it may sound counteractive, you actually want start your workout a little on the chilly side. That way, once you start your activity, you will gradually work up some heat, rather than over-heating yourself.  The best way to prevent overheating is to dress in layers, that way you can remove them as soon as you feel yourself starting to sweat.
Know The Signs of Frostbite and Hypothermia
Exercising in cold, rainy weather can greatly increase your chances of developing hypothermia or frostbite. Therefore, be sure that you can recognize the common symptoms of these health problems in case you fall victim to them during your workout. Frostbite typically brings along early warning signs of numbness, loss of feeling or a stinging sensation, while hypothermia can cause symptoms such as intense shivering, loss of coordination and fatigue. If you experience any of these signs during your winter workout, be sure to seek emergency care.
The winter is a great time to get outside and soak up the sights of the season. However, be sure to follow these three winter workout tips so that you can safely and enjoyably exercise once the weather turns chilly.
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