Clear Water Outdoor Three Rules For Keeping Safe During Outdoor Activities
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Posted On:Aug 24 2011 1:02PM

Simple safety tips to remember the next time you head outdoors.

We've all heard stories from a friend or have seen those TV shows that talk about someone getting lost or hurt during one of their outdoor adventures--they went out for a hike and didn't tell anyone of their whereabouts, they were just going for a quick run so they didn't bring their cell phone, they assumed that they would be back well before nightfall.
When we watch or hear these kinds of stories, it's easy to take on an outsiders point of view and point out all of the places where their plan went wrong. However, when you find yourself faced with these same scenarios, no matter how experienced of an outdoorsman you may be, it can be easy to panic and forget the logic you always assumed that you would have in dangerous situations.
The most effective way to avoid mishaps and prevent mistakes from being made is to adequately prepare for your trip ahead of time. While it may be enticing to leave for the woods or the mountains at the first glimpse of sunlight, dealing with a few basics of outdoor safety may just save your life if you get stuck in a rough spot.
There are many rules and tips that you can follow to ensure that your outdoor experience is fun and safe. Here are just a few safety tips to remember the next time you head outdoors:
Research The Area That You're Headed To
When you're planning an outdoor trip, it's important to gather as much information as you can about the terrain and environment that you will be facing. Find out in-depth information about everything from trail conditions to cliff locations to camping areas. If for some reason you do have to leave camp after dark, be sure that you stick to areas that you have seen in daylight and are familiar with.
Be Prepared For All Weather Conditions
One of the first things that you should always do before heading out into the wilderness, whether it's a week-long trip or a simple day hike, is get an extended weather report of the area in which you're headed. Weather predictions can not only determine what you pack and how you dress, but they can also be the deciding factor on whether you go at all. However, because weather can change in the blink of an eye in many states, it's still important to know the signs of an approaching storm or change in weather conditions.
Remember The Buddy System
You should always travel with a group of people in case of an injury on the trail. While having at least four people is ideal (two people to stay behind if someone gets hurt, two more to go in search for help), it is still better to head out with one other partner than to go out alone. However, you should still always leave your itinerary with a friend or family member detailing where you are going and when you expect to return.
Outdoor activities are a great way to stay healthy and get a nice break outside among nature, however it is important that you return home from these adventures safe and sound. As long as you remember these three important outdoor safety tips, you can ensure that your activities are safe and fun each time you head outside.
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