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Posted On:Dec 8 2011 10:13PM

Outdoor activities that will keep the whole family healthy this winter.

When we were kids, there was no shortage of outdoor fun to be had with our friends and family. Whether you were running around your neighborhood playing tag, shooting hoops with some of your friends in your driveway, or simple exploring the world around you in your own backyard, every day was another excuse to get outside and soak up the air around you.
However, children today live a very different lifestyle than those that came before them.  Instead of playing neighborhood tag on the weekends or walking to their friends house, kids are now spending more time inside on their laptops and catching rides to their favorite hangouts. Recent studies have shown that child obesity rates in America have tripled over the last three decades, and today, nearly one in three US children are overweight or obese.
With nationwide cuts in gym classes and after-school sports, it's important that kids are still learning about the importance of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle at home. This winter, why not make fitness a family affair? Here are three of our favorite winter activities that will not only encourage family bonding, but will also keep your family healthy and happy this winter season:
Explore The Outdoors
Winter sledding, snowboarding and skiing are all great ways to spend some quality time with your family and get a scenic workout. Head out to a local hill in your town and take turns gliding down the hill and showing off your favorite tricks.
If you live in a warmer area, there are plenty of fun outdoor activities you can try. Camping offers some great fun with exciting views. Plus, getting the entire family to pitch in when setting up the tent or collecting wood for a campfire is one easy way to get active.
Backyard Sports
The easiest and cheapest way to keep your family active this winter is by playing sports in your own backyard. A simple game of tag or a snowball fight is enough to get your adrenaline up and your heart pumping for a good workout. If you're lucky enough to live in a state without snow, traditional sports game such as flag football, soccer and baseball can also stir up some friendly competition. Invite some of the other families in the neighborhood over if you really want to get a good game going.
During the summer months, there is nothing better than hopping in a pool, a lake, or an ocean to provide a great workout for you and your family. However, the fun doesn't have to stop just because the temperature has dropped.
Many gyms and fitness centers offer family passes to indoor pools so you can still splash around all winter long. Pools are also the perfect place to play fun games such as Marco Polo or water volleyball. However, no matter where you decide to swim, make sure that there is a lifeguard on duty and young children have proper flotation devices.
While family fitness can often take some encouragement and commitment, it's a great way to get healthy and spend some quality time together this winter season.
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