Motivated Moms The Power of Parental Habits
Posted By:Heather Nelson
Posted On:Jan 2 2011 8:38PM

“Since habits become power, make them work with you and not against you.” -
E. Stanley Jones
I find myself tired. I am weary of a long year.; even with some good outcomes, it has had some very wearying details. Like the relentless nagging of dripping water from the kitchen sink when you just can’t fall asleep, each drop can become louder and louder till it feels like the water is resounding within your own mind as you toss and turn….as if a gong is being sounded within your own bedroom. So the idea of an energetic start to 2011 is a bit daunting.
If you are like me, you are looking at all the motivational ads and thinking, “Man, I’m just pooped. I could use a nap.”. Mind you, I was up tending a tiny one with a fever throughout the night.  Still, I can’t help but let a smile spread across my face, and giggle at least a little bit thinking about the fact that it’s ironically funny.   The motivated mama has run out of pep talks. Ah, but isn’t that motivating? Isn’t it funny how it is restful to run into the good company of those that we can relate to? The stabilizing parental-fellowship factor; what a blessing to know we are not alone.
Whether you are highly motivated and eager to get out there and attack all of your 2011 goal-directed activities, or you would rather roll over in bed, hit snooze, and take advantage of the winter doldrums, hear ye this: the power of a habit can overtake the momentary and fleeting urge to collapse and give in to hibernation for the cold season. Ennui can be overtaken with activity, and activity can bring excitement. Excitement can be the reward of engaging in the habit of play, and the habit of play can be formed with short increments every day of quality and quantity time with our children. Quality and quantity time can be blocked out like all else in the daily grind. And this is a grind that doesn’t wear down, but soothes and sets free to newness for all involved. 
Welcome to 2011, my motivated parental friends! I hope we will all be able to share some motivators to powerful habit! My motivator is the reward of blessing my children, resting, renewing, and freeing myself, and butterfly-effectually (yes, I made that word up)  building encouragement into the lives of those we each encounter.   May our habits overtake us only for true good in the year ahead! 
I look forward to the journey with you…
What do you hope to make a single habit in 2011?
Starting at the posting of this blog, I will shut off my laptop, and take some more quality time with my children ; undivided quality time, inaccessible except for emergencies! 

Blessings only and growth in your 2011 habits of power,


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