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Posted By:Laura Luksich
Posted On:Jun 19 2010 4:04PM

The Nathan Thermal Quickdraw (handheld) – with 22oz bottle. I’ve never run with a handheld water bottle, and remember in years past thinking… why would you ever want to carry an extra water bottle in your hand, who buys these things? Those were the days when I thought five miles was a long run. No need to carry water, back to the house in less than an hour. Now I’m training for my first 50K and five miles is my shortest run of the week.

Nathan Thermal Quickdraw
I read in Born to Run about ultra runners carrying handheld bottles in training runs and on race day. I’ve also read articles in Runner’s World how it’s good for long distance runners to stay hydrated between aid stations during races. Runners have said, I don’t forget to drink while carrying a hand held bottle.
  • Insulated carrier keeps fluids warm or cool
  • Wall Mesh moisture-wicking hand strap with adjustable-tension buckle
  • Zippered pocket with Key Clip
  • 22 oz. (650 mL) Hydration Bottle with Clipless Cap
OK, I told myself, time to give one a try. I don’t care for my waist belt (Nathan Trail Mix: holds 20oz) and don’t always want to be carrying a pack (Camelbak Annadel: holds 50oz) on hotter days or for race day. A few weeks ago I gave my Quickdraw its first test run. About an hour and half on the trails: sunny, but not too hot; hilly, but not too steep - an average training run. To my surprise, it didn’t feel heavy or cumbersome, and I remembered to sip my water the entire run. I’m not sure if it’s from the years of running with a dog leash in my hand, but holding this bottle felt almost natural.  
My take:
  • I haven’t tried to keep any liquid warm. I honestly don’t care for ice water – I have sensitive teeth. I like chilled water, and I felt the insulation was enough to keep a slight chill in the water for the first 20 minutes of my run and I couldn’t feel the cold against my hand.
  • Sweaty hands are something I can’t stand (I rarely run in gloves). This was something I was worried about, but proves to be a non-issue with the moisture-wicking strap. The buckle stays in place after adjustment and I don’t have to think about holding on to my bottle.
  • The zippered pocket fits my car key and a Gu or a few Shot Bloks perfectly.
  • 22oz – a good amount to carry that isn’t too heavy and will last for over an hour on the trails.
The bottle itself has a wide mouth that is easy to fill with water and dump some sports drink powder in to. It is easy to squeeze and the valve is soft on the teeth to pull open. I’ve finally found my ideal way to stay hydrated while training – and I will be carrying this bottle on race day for the SOB 50K.
Running with the Nathan Thermal Quickdraw
Bottom Line:
Love it. Handhelds are perfect for people who don’t like the feeling of a belt or a pack and need some sort of hydration while training. The Nathan Thermal Quickdraw is comfortable to carry and easy to sip from while running. Bonus: We have it in stock at Clear Water Outdoor!

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  •  Posted By: Gina Jones
     Posted On: Jun 29 2010 6:32PM 
    I hadn't used my Nathan in ages but pulled it out for my trail run last weekend. Thanks for the's a great option!
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