Clear Water Outdoor The Climb: How To Get Started With Hiking
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Posted On:Sep 12 2011 12:57PM

What you need to know before setting off on your hiking adventure.

While summer is often a favorite season for people who enjoying skiing, surfing and paddleboarding, no outdoor enthusiast can argue against the beauty and sights that come along with the fall.
Between the rich, vibrant colors that spread throughout the trees, the cool, refreshing breeze that is a welcome treat throughout your workout, and the crisp smells that are tell tale signs of autumn, the fall season offers plenty of motivation to get outside and take advantage of the beauty of the outdoors.
There is one outdoor activity in particular that truly allows you to soak in all of the sights and smells of this wonderful season-- hiking. Whether you are a beginner to outdoor activities or a seasoned veteran, hiking offers a wonderful opportunity to get in a great workout while surrounding yourself with the reds and oranges that are a notorious staple of autumn.
The best part about hiking is that it is a relatively simple outdoor activity, which entails only some well thought-out preparation, a few pieces of gear and a basic knowledge of the trail. If you are thinking about heading to your local woods or park to soak up the sights of the season, here are a few hiking essentials that you should know to ensure that you have a safe, enjoyable trip:
Plan Our Your Hike
The success of your hiking adventure depends solely on how well you prepare. If you are new to this type of activity, it is best to start out slow in your local park or woods. That way, if you find yourself struggling or the weather takes a turn for the worse, you will not be stuck in a situation you are completely unprepared for. Starting out slow also allows you to evaluate your own hiking abilities and endurance. Once you have a good idea of how well you perform, then you can begin preparing for your trip accordingly.
Practice Healthy Foot Care
The single most important piece of equipment that you will use while hiking is your feet. Therefore, it is essential that you are taking good care of them and wearing proper boots and socks that will allow for the most comfortable hike possible. When choosing a hiking boot for your trip, make sure that they do not chafe your feet or have any painful points that may cause blisters on the trail. Also, it is important that you choose a pair of boots that allow your feet to breath and have proper ventilation. This will help to get rid of any moisture that occurs inside of your boots.
Minimize Your Pack Weight
When it comes to packing a backpack for you hiking trip, it is often a battle against necessity of the item verses weight. Each and every time you take a step while hiking, you will be feeling each little ounce of your bag on your back and shoulders. When you add up just how many steps you will be taking throughout your hiking adventure, this can add up to a lot of weight and difficulty. To minimize your pack weight, be sure to look for ultra-light and multi-purpose equipment that will allow you to make your pack as light as possible.
Hiking is a wonderful outdoor activity that not only allows you to get in a good workout and explore the wonders of the outdoors, but also allows you to complete engulf yourself in the sights and smells of fall. While getting started with hiking may take some unexpected time and preparation, before you know it, you will be wanting to increase the length and difficulty of your hike each and every time you head outside.
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