Adventures of Oregon Laura The Big Weeks are Coming!
Posted By:Laura Luksich
Posted On:Apr 23 2010 1:32AM

And so it begins. No more just-go-out-for-a-half-hour runs.  Starting this week, my shortest runs will now be about six miles long. This part of any training plan always makes me question, “Why am I doing this again?” My spare time becomes consumed with training. What used to be a few 30-60 minute workouts a week turns in to a few 60-120 minute runs plus the weekend long runs. I get up even earlier in the morning to fit it in (pre-5am at times) and skip family dinners so I can hit the road at 7pm for a long evening run if needed. Add in a swim in the pool and a bike ride or two, and the hours and minutes of the weeks soon become over-scheduled (especially with a running husband that is training for the same 50K race).  I start to stress about fitting it all in. 
So again, why do I WANT to do this?
For fun. Crazy, I know. For all the stressing I do trying to fit things in, the moment I listen to my rhythmic footsteps and breathing, I forget about all the stress. All of it just kind of takes a back seat in my brain, and I fall in to the moment, the now, the present. I still think about it, but it doesn’t stress me the same way as it would while my children are pulling at my pant legs arguing about dump trucks and rocks. 

My rhythmic footsteps and breathing moves my mind in to a sort of meditative state and I finally open my eyes and enjoy all the beauty around me. When I run with my friends, it’s even better. We talk, we laugh, we worry, we complain, and we always have fun. I run for the moments like when we were headed down a steep, rocky, drop off on one side, cougar infested (yes, cougar sightings on our favorite trails) trail, Kouba decided to braid her hair and didn’t miss a step - talented and hilarious. Signing up for the 50K just forces us to spend more time together doing all those things. Oh, and of course, there are all those health benefits of running too.

Kouba and her braids
My point… even if you aren’t a runner, or only can run a mile, just go. 

Go outside. Open your eyes and look around. Get lost in the moment and enjoy.
Happy Earth Day.
20 trail miles this weekend, here we come.
Coming soon – gear reviews: Shoes, GUs, and Body Glide!

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  •  Posted By: Laura Luksich
     Posted On: May 4 2010 12:31AM 
    Hi Dave! Good luck this weekend, we'll be thinking of you. Aaron is headed to a track meet Saturday, but Kouba and I are running a 10 mile trail race around Roxy Ann - and then after we finish - we are running it again backwards to fit in our 20. I checked out Inov8 - looks pretty cool, I'm excited to learn more.
  •  Posted By: David Schuster
     Posted On: Apr 30 2010 12:29PM 
    How'd the weekend go? I'm looking forward to your shoe review, I have been running in Inov8 f-lite 220. This shoe has the 2 arrow Shoc-Zone, which allows me a very natural running style. I have been running short distances in my Vibram 5 fingers and this f-lite 220 allows me to run much farther, in a very similar running style. This weighs in at 7.7oz and feels crazy light, it's design allows me to switch from road to trail in a seemless manner. Laura we don't carry them in the store, but you can tell that I may be advocating a couple of SKUs. Please look into a style you may want to try and I'll work on getting an opportuninty. I am so stoke your famous friends, Brooke and Kouba, are going to represent the ole Clear Water Outdoor around the SOB 50k. Hello, ladies. I'm looking forward to meeting you. Hello, Aaron, how are you rolling? The Euro is coming up on May 8th, I always think team Luksich and I'll pay homage on race day!
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