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Posted On:May 9 2013 11:37AM

 A few years ago, I had a revelation.  Yup, you heard me, a Revelation!  A “Moment of Truth”.  An epic “Ahah!”.

What thought crossed my mind to change my life, you ask?  Only this:

“The right gear makes life better”.  Period.

And it's true!  Think about it - when you put on a pair of snow boots, you’re not just making a fashion statement – you’re keeping your tootsies warm and dry even when stomping through drifts of snow or standing out on the ice for hours.  When you wear a tech-T on a hike, it helps you stay cool, comfy, and less stinky than you'd be otherwise, and even blocks out some UV rays.  

The same idea applies to rain gear - and Lord knows after this week of rain and flooding, we could all use a little wringing out.  Wearing the appropriate rain gear keeps you warm, dry and able to keep pushing through on your hike, outdoor project, camping trip, boat excursion or other wet endeavor.

Here are some things to look for in a good rain jacket:

·  Some form of proprietary waterproofing that still breathes:  Patagonia’s H2No, and DWR Deluge; Helly Hanson’s HELLY TECH; GORE-TEX, etc. to keep the wet out, and not create a hot-box inside the jacket.

·  Adjustable Synch system for hood, wrists and hem to help batten down the hatches.  If you’re planning on climbing in your rain jacket, make sure the hood boats enough capacity for your helmet.

·  Waterproof zippers and/or a flap that covers the zipper so there’s no seepage.

·  Packability is always a nice perk for a rain jacket, so you can have it with you when you need it without it taking up a lot of space.

So, arm yourself against the rain, learn from my revelation, and make your life a little better – and stay a little dryer – with the right gear.

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