Clear Water Outdoor Take A Hike: How To Choose A Great Pair Of Hiking Boots
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Posted On:Jan 25 2012 1:46AM

Our advice on choosing a quality pair of hiking boots for your next adventure.

There are few outdoor sports and activities that allow for as much versatility and adventure as hiking. This wonderful activity can happen in many different areas throughout the country, from the high mountain tops in the West, to the hilly, Midwestern forests. No matter what type of outdoorsman you are--someone with ten or twenty years of experience, or someone heading out to the trail for the first time--hiking can offer you some of the most gorgeous sites, and one of the best workouts, that you will every experience.

One of the best parts about hiking is the fact that there is very minimal equipment that is required to have a successful day on the trail. For instance, as long as you have your weather-appropriate clothing, a healthy stash of food and water, and a comfortable pair of hiking boots, you are good to go all day long. However, because there are so little ingredients that go into a great hiking day, it is essential that each of these key pieces of equipment are the best that they can be.

When it comes to hiking, picking out the right pair of hiking boots may just be one of the most important decisions that you make. This is because few things can break up a trip or turn a great hike sour quite like boots can. If you have yet to break in a new pair of hiking boots before you head out on the trail, or are wearing a size that just isn't right for you, you may experience blisters and swelling that is bad enough to put a halt on your entire trip.

Luckily, when it comes down to choosing the right pair of boots for getting you through the backcountry, there are several things that you can do to make sure you find a perfect fit.

Before you try on any pair of hiking boots, you first need to consider what type of hiking you will be doing and where you will be wearing your boots. Once you answer these questions, it will be easier to determine the style of boot you should choose.

Light hiking boots are typically low or mid-cut, and are intended for day hikes or weekend backpacking trips that come with light loads. They typically combine lightweight materials, flexibility and breathable fabrics for optimum comfort on shorter hikes.

Hiking and backpacking boots typically are mid-cut in order to provide better feet and ankle support for hikes where you may be travelling a long distance or carrying a light to moderately weighted backpack.

Last, but not least, is mountaineering boots. These hiking boots are specifically designed to be tough, supportive and durable. They help to provide support for carrying heavy loads over multiple-day trips, and they also provide excellent ankle and foot support?a necessity for long journeys.

Once you have narrowed down your wide range of choices, the best way to decide which boot is right for you is to try them on. Go to your local Clear Water Outdoor retail shop and try on a few pairs, keeping in mind that proper fitting hikers should hold your foot comfortably without being binding. Also, be sure that you are bringing your own hiking socks to try on your boots. This will be essential for determining proper fit.

For more information about choosing a hiking boot that is best for your outdoor adventure, be sure to stop by Clear Water Outdoor today so we can help guide you in the right steps towards a safe and fun hiking trip.


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