Clear Water Outdoor Tail-Wagging Fun: Outdoor Activities For You And Your Dog
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Posted On:Sep 6 2011 11:58AM

Activities and tips for exercising with your dog outside.

It is no secret that regular exercise and outdoor fitness activity is great for our overall mind, body and spirit. Not only does working out help to increase our strength and endurance, but it also provides a nice mental boost for our mind and triggers the production of endorphins in our brain-- our bodies natural "happy" stimulates.
However, we are not the only species that reap the benefits and gains of outdoor exercise. Dogs also enjoy the mental and physical well being that comes from participating in physical activities, such as walking, playing and exploring the outdoor world. Plus, as if they weren't already Man's Best Friend, dogs also make great motivators and companions for those people who are looking to explore new exercises that they normally wouldn't try if they were by themselves.
Exercising with your dog regularly is also a great way to strengthen your relationship and the lines of communication, creating a happy, well-behaved pet.
If you and your furry friend are bored of your normal exercising routine and walks around the neighborhood, here are just a few fun activities that you can add into your day-to-day fitness regime, and a few tips for exercising safely with your dog:
Fun Activities For Dogs And Their Owners
Walking and jogging briskly is an ideal, yet simple, exercise for both human and hound. Not only do these simple cardio exercises help to lower your blood pressure and give you more energy, but they also lead to a stronger heart, denser bones and a lower risk of depression. If you are looking to jog with your dog, start off slow with a five minute warm up, then gradually increase your speed and resistance depending on your level of fitness.
Swimming is also a great all-in-one workout that both pets and owners enjoy. Swimming works many different muscle groups, strengthens the heart and lungs, and improves your endurance. Plus, because swimming is such a low-impact sport, it is especially great for older dogs who have joint and arthritis problems.
Another great fitness activity that dogs enjoy is hiking. Dogs are natural explores and, therefore, love to sniff out the different smells and sights while sticking their nose into each and every thing that they pass. However, just remember to keep your dog secured on a leash when you are in the woods. All it takes is one simple glimpse of a bird or squirrel for your dog to take off running.
Safety Tips For Exercising With Your Dog
Just like with people, there are many different tips and tricks to follow to ensure that your dog has a safe, healthy work out. The first thing to remember is that you may want to get a good vet evaluation before making significant changes to your dogs fitness routine and lifestyle. Also, when exercising, it's important to look out for signs that they may be overdoing it, such as panting excessively, breathing fast or staggering.
Dogs are also just as susceptible to dehydration and heat exhaustion as people are. Therefore, be sure to pack a water bottle and drinking bowl into their doggie backpack to ensure that they stay hydrated. Dog booties are also a great investment if you plan on venturing onto rough surfaces such as the mountains, the hot sand or the asphalt.
When people and dogs exercise and explore the outdoors together, it is good news all around. It not only helps to strengthen your bond and lines of communications, but it can also be a great mental boost for dog and owner alike.
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