Motivated Moms Summer's End Adventures
Posted By:Heather Nelson
Posted On:Aug 28 2010 4:02AM

As summer sizzles out and September saunters in, there is many a parent hard-pressed not to be wishing those late August days would linger a little longer. Fall should never be the end of family fun, merely a transitioning of hue. So while we hesitantly let go of longer days, may we focus on making the most of later moments. While seasons change and moments morph, more memories are to be made and more adventures are to be had.
Take the last warm weekends to swim a little longer, play in the sand and sink in your toes, and while the mosquitoes begin to taper off at night, make a few extra s’mores and tell a few more stories late into the night. Make up a collaborative story with each family member contributing a piece to the development of the story line. For practice on ideas and to get the story juices flowing, check out Rory’s Story Cubes
Pack up the tent and get out for a late summer family hike and campout. This can be the highlight of the summer’s heat as it begins to cool off and you hunker down for slower, shorter days. Spend some extra time with the neighbors having home-cooked barbeque, grilled veggie and fruit kabobs, and playing bacci, volley, or kick-ball, really, almost any kind of ball game goes well with a neighborly gathering. Kickball keeps you young physically, and at heart, and keeps the kids happy, making moments to remember for all.
Pack a picnic for a nature trail walk, post-playground activities, or even your own backyard. Put in an extra-special snack you prepare together; like puppy chow. The kids would most likely even partner in carrying the pack, eager for a little play and picnic time.
As the seasons have their changes in this life…the necessity for fluidity is nearer to permanence than any of our seasons. I think of water rolling over rocks in a stream, a wild river, on a mountainside; the water shapes the surface it encounters and makes a new form of beauty. So it is with us as Moms and families. With each new season and change we encounter with our children and family, the more fluidity we maintain, the longer we roll with it, the increased capacity we have to create something of an even more beautiful hue.
To embracing summer’s end adventures with the ones you love….
Your fellow motivated mom,

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