The Life of Brian Stuck On The Sofa
Posted By:Brian Waspi
Posted On:Feb 4 2010 8:10PM

So, I’m at home on the sofa with some sort of illness.  I don’t think it’s the Flu, but it might as well be.  Maybe it was the economy, but for some reason I was sick more times in 2009 than in the previous 5 years combined.  I don’t think anybody likes being sick, but I REALLY can’t stand it.  I’m such a go-getter and I feel like my body is fighting me when I’m sick.  Eventually I give in and lay on the sofa… like now.  The last time this happened, I wrote “How to Avoid the Swine Flu”.  I know what you’re thinking, must have been pretty smug advice right?  So this time I’ll write about television.

Most people that know me also know I don’t have a TV.  In fact, I haven’t had one in years.  I do occasionally watch a favorite show on, but that’s about it.  Even now, sick here on the sofa I don’t miss it.  Seriously it’s about 50/50 bad shows vs. commercials.  Even the non-commercials are just advertising other shows… with more commercials.  There are so many more entertaining things to do.  Here are some suggestions to get you started:

1.    Plan a Practical Joke (my favorite)
Seriously, there is a shortage of these in the world.  Plus everybody always laughs and says, “Payback’s a *$%#&” but really?  If they’re a TV watcher there’s no way they’ll plan as good a joke as you do.  The last one I did was sticking Bill’s mouse to his mouse pad.  Simple, yet harmless and funny. 

2.    Go Outside
This simple exercise can change you life, really.  Forget all the health benefits; remember we’re replacing TV entertainment with real forms.  Just walk around, look around, turn off the noise in your head and just “be”.  Build something, hike somewhere, get dirty, whatever floats your boat.  Whatever it is just enjoy being alive.  Life is too short to spend so much of it mindlessly on your bum.

3.    Write a Blog!
Seriously, if you’re reading this sorry excuse for literature you’ve got to be thinking “how hard can it be?”.  It’s much easier than trying to find a decent channel.  You have something to say and people need to hear it!  What’s important to you, what do you know that others don’t?  Share your story.

4.    Start Something Great
All of us have music inside.  Find it!  Most of the time we know what it is and fear, worry, habit, whatever stops us from perusing it.  See option 2 above, and just be.  Realize that the noise in your head pulling you back isn’t you, and you definitely don’t have to listen to it.  Defy the voice and start now, by turning off the TV and creating what’s next instead of waiting for the TV to show you.

Other ideas?  I’d love to hear them…

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  •  Posted By: Laura Luksich
     Posted On: Jun 3 2010 10:40PM 
    So, did you ever get better?
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