Motivated Moms Strenth for Mom in Child Sickness
Posted By:Heather Nelson
Posted On:Aug 6 2010 1:12AM

Just turning that last corner to go to bed, I was about to get up, put the cell phone on the charger, and place books away, somewhat relieved after a long day that my prior obligations for the night fell to the wayside. I was ready for rest. 
The children fast asleep, I’m heading to bed when I hear a faint, “urp”…uh oh…checking my child, certain of the recognized sound, but finding stillness, I come closer to smell “the breath”. Using my cell phone as a flashlight, so as not to create a disturbance if all is well, I lean in to take a whiff of the next exhale….yep, I knew it…that smell stands out anywhere.  And sure enough, the eyes somewhat open up, followed by a few swallowing facial motions, suddenly eyes wide, and I am decidedly sure of what’s next. Within seconds, I’ve grabbed a nearby towel and am helping my youngest turn to the side and aim for the target…for comfort, safety, and containment. 
Needless to say, after the evening’s meal content had exited the body it originated from, a quick bathing, washing of the bedding (I’ve been thinking I needed to throw those sheets in the wash anyways) and a return to a cozy-clean dreaming space, I found my child was very quickly drifted off to sleep with a smile taking over that sweet little tired face.
Amazing resilience and humor for a little one to nod back off with a smile after that ordeal! How amazing also that we mom’s can be exhausted and ready to fall asleep ourselves, but in the Moment of a child’s need, suddenly that energy comes flushing back. Where from, I cannot say…it seems built into a mother’s core. And this, I am certain, is what made Vitamin C such a hit; motherhood! Well, since my supply is depleted, and I’m too tired, I’m just going to bed. But, for tomorrow, with work less than 6 hours away, I’m seriously considering these Mom’s-variation-of-fruit snacks for my daytime energy boost! With 100% Vitamin C! We all know with a new day of parenting, that boost won’t be regretted!
Another day in the life of….
A motivated mom…

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  •  Posted By: Heather Nelson
     Posted On: Aug 6 2010 1:41AM 
    oh MY!!! STRENGTH! sorry about the misspelling!
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