Clear Water Outdoor Spring Has Sprung: Fun Outdoor Events To Try This Season
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Posted On:Mar 26 2012 6:22PM

Looking to spice up your workout? Try these outdoor activities!

Many people in America look forward to the spring season each and every year. Not only is it a nice, refreshing break from the harsh winter weather that we experienced for months and months (sometimes even longer if you live on the East Coast) but spring also brings with it a time of change and new beginnings. While many people choose to apply these concepts to their day-to-day lives--spring cleaning, freshening up the garden, updating your wardrobe--you can also invite the freshness of spring into your workouts as well.
Whether you are someone who enjoys relaxing outdoor activities, such as yoga or jogging, or you are more of an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for mountain biking and fishing, spring has no shortage activities that will encourage you to get outside and start soaking up the sunshine. Plus, with all of the benefits that green exercise can have on your health and well being, there has never been a better time to get fit and better connect with nature.

This spring season, instead of sticking to your well-known jogging trail or that familiar hiking path for your daily outdoor workouts, why not spice up your wellness routine with an all new, exciting activity that you have never tried before. Who knows, you may just find that you have a knack for a new sport or workout that you would have never thought.
To help you get a better idea of some fun outdoor workout activities that are adventurous, as well as a great exercise, we have put together some of our favorite workouts that take place outdoors. Add one of these activities into your weekly workout regime to spice up your spring season:  
Stand Up Paddleboarding
While this relaxing, simple sport has been around since well before the days of the Beach Boys, in the last few years it has slowly been making a comeback, and it's easy to understand why. Many people have dubbed stand up paddle boards the "bicycles of the water" because of their versatile ability to take you across lakes, oceans and rivers alike.
With minimal equipment, these boards will allow you to float across that beautiful backyard lake up north, explore the coastline of a local island off in the ocean, paddle down a river, following the twists and turns of the glassy water.  Because of this, it's easy to see why paddle boarding is so intrinsically enjoyable and a favorite activity of many.
Outdoor Cycling
One of the most popular outdoor activities during the spring season is cycling. While summer offers gorgeous views and multiple travel opportunities for those who love to bike, it can be exhausting and difficult to keep cycling through treacherous heat waves while staying both hydrated and active. Luckily, the spring season offers cyclists welcome cool breezes and an opportunity to explore the changing colors of the season up close and personal.
Water activities also can act as a great form of exercise for people who are looking to explore new adventures and get back into shape. Because many water sports take place in beautiful locations and can often be performed with friends and family, there is really no excuse as to why you shouldn't jump right into the water and get your heart pumping!
One of the best ways to explore new watery worlds and enjoy nature is through kayaking. This popular paddle sport, which is a favorite of many outdoor enthusiasts, is a great way to gain confidence in your abilities on the water and take advantage of the many health and environmental benefits that this fun sport has to offer.
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