Clear Water Outdoor Sport Snacks: Healthy, Nutritious Snack Foods For Athletes
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Posted On:Jan 25 2012 2:42PM

Great snack options for the athlete who is always on the go.

For those who love the outdoors, there is nothing greater than gathering up your gear, heading outside to the local trails, mountains or rivers of your town, and exercising alongside the gorgeous smells and sites that nature has to offer. Whether you enjoy hiking, jogging, climbing or paddling, there are a limitless amount of health and lifestyle benefits that come along with working out in the presence of nature.
However, getting outside and getting in a good day of fitness requires a little more than high-tech gear and the urge to workout. Any experienced athlete will tell you that, above all else, the one thing that is essential for any heart-pumping outdoor activity is a healthy, nutritious diet.
Athletes and people who exercise regularly require a lot more calories and nutrients than those who do not lead an active lifestyle. Eating a healthy snack before you exercise will not only give you the extra energy and strength that you need during exercise, but it also will help you go faster and stronger for a much more prolonged amount of time.
Luckily, finding healthy snacks that are packed full of extra nutrients and calories is a much tastier experience than it has been in the past. Whether you are stocking up on prepackaged snacks at your local grocery store or creating your own snack packs at home, there are many different foods that you can find which will appeal to your taste buds, as well as your fitness routine.
Here are just a few snacks that every athlete should have on hand to give them the extra calories and nutrients that they need, without making them feel too full:
Whole fruit is never a bad option when it comes to a healthy, convenient snack for athletes. Fruit not only contains minimal calories, but it is also loaded with protein, which will help keep your stomach full until your exercise is over. Plus, with all of the different fruits that come in and out of season, you can enjoy a variety of tastes and nutrition without ever becoming bored by the same flavors.
Hummus is a middle eastern food that is made using chickpeas, black-eyed peas, soybeans or other legume. It can often be found in the cold section of the grocery store, near the fruits and veggies, and tastes great when you pair it with carrot sticks or pita chips. Plus, this snack will provide your body with a good amount of fiber, which helps to prevent hunger when you are on the trail.
Nuts and Seeds
When it comes to a quick and easy snack that is great for on the go, nothing works better than classic seeds and nuts. Small servings of your favorite nuts--peanuts, cashews, hazelnuts, almonds, etc.--are all that is needed to deliver numerous nutrients to your body. Plus, by adding in some extra elements, such as raisins or dried cranberries, you have a snack that contains very little saturated fat and a whole lotta protein.
Oatmeal is a quick, tasty meal that is perfect for the busy athlete, especially during the colder months. This classic snack contains a healthy balance of protein and good carbohydrates that give you a great boost of energy. Plus, a single packed of oatmeal contains just 105 calories and 2 grams of fat.
Next time you head outside for your fitness activity, make sure that you have some of these healthy snacks on hand. For active people who hike, bike, walk, jog, lift or just play, nutritious snacks are an important component of solid nutrition.
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