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Posted On:Sep 28 2011 11:03AM

The benefits of sleeping pads for your overnight wilderness adventures.

If you are an avid camper or outdoor enthusiast, then you know just how invigorating and breathtaking it can be to set up camp in the wild and lay beneath the outdoor shining stars. Whether you make regular week-long vacations into the mountains, plan annual weekend trips into the woods, or simply like setting up a tent in your own back yard, there are few things that are more relaxing and escaping than sleeping out beneath the night sky.
However, while it can be calming and relaxing to soak up the outdoor nighttime atmosphere, it can be uncomfortable and hazardous if you do not have the right equipment. Most people tend to pick up the cheapest or most heavy-duty sleeping bags and tents when they are planning an overnight camping trip. Unfortunately, these two common essentials are not enough when it comes to roughing it in the outdoors.
In addition to common camping accessories such as shelter, food and gear, having proper outdoor sleeping equipment can make or break your trip. While you may think that a sleeping bag is enough to keep you happy and comfortable night after night, these accessories simply do not provide the proper insulation and protection that is necessary when it comes to sleeping on a cold, hard surface.
Luckily, many different varieties of sleeping pads are available to all levels of outdoor enthusiasts, whether you are camping in the mountains, the forest, or your own backyard. Here are just a few benefits and tips for adding sleeping pads into your own outdoor wilderness adventures:
Why Do You Need A Sleeping Pad?
Outdoor sleeping pads offer many different benefits over an average sleeping bag or air mattress. Not only do they provide a proper cushion to get your back off the ground and avoid any painful sleeping positions, but they also include a great amount of insulation.
Insulation is very important when you are spending your night in the outdoors, even during the warm weather months. Sleeping pads help to insulate your body from cold surfaces by trapping and holding in the air between your body and the pad. Eventually, your body will warm this layer of air and it will act as an insulator.
How Do You Choose A Sleeping Pad?
The type of sleeping pad that you choose for your trip should directly relate to the type of travel that you plan on doing. For instance, if you are traveling over a long distance, you may want to choose the pad that is as light as possible. However, if you are heading into severe whether such as rain or snow, you will want to ensure that your pad is sturdy enough to handle all of the elements.
Here are just a few examples of the types of sleeping pads that you can buy:
·         Air Pads- Must be manually inflated by the user. However, they are comfortable and lightweight-- great for backpacking and camping in moderate conditions.
·         Foam Pads - This pad, which is made up of dense foam and tiny pockets of air, is a relatively inexpensive way to get a good night's rest on the trail. And while foam pads are typically more bulky and less comfortable than others, they are lighter to carry.
·         Self-Inflation Pads - This type of mattress is the best of both worlds, as it has both foam insulation and it can be very compact when rolled up. However, self-inflation pads can be bulky and heavy during long tips. Therefore, you should only choose these types for lengthy outdoor adventures.
Proper nature sleeping gear is an essential part of camping and outdoor safety. Be sure that you follow these helpful tips for choosing a sleeping pad to ensure that you have a comfortable, relaxing outdoor experience.
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