Clear Water Outdoor Show Me The Light: Choosing The Right Lighting For Outdoors
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Posted On:Oct 10 2011 1:44PM

How to choose the best flashlight or lantern for your outdoor trip.

As the seasons continue to change all across the country, we are finding that we have to make subtle adjustments to our day-to-day routine in order to keep up with the changes and get prepared for the colder part of the year. Instead of running outside of the house in a t-shirt and sandals like we have been used to over the last couple of months, it seems that a fall jacket and scarf are now essential staples of our autumn wardrobes.
However, changes in temperature and dress are not the only part of your daily routine that needs adjustments. The fall season also brings about shorter days and less sunlight than we have become accustomed to during the summer months. While for many people, this may only affect them as they struggle to get out of bed in the morning, for outdoor enthusiasts, the change in daylight means many adjustments to their outdoor routine.
When you are heading into the woods for an afternoon hike, or drive your kayak out to the local river to get in a good workout, it is easy get wrapped up in the fun of your activity and lose track of the time. While this may have been a harmless habit in the summer, when daylight stretched long into the early evening, many outdoorsmen will find that during the fall, nighttime can approach as early as 7pm, leaving you wandering around the woods in the dark.
Because of this, when you are planning an outdoor activity during the fall or winter months--whether it is a week-long camping trip, a weekend hike or simply an afternoon spent on the water--it is more important than ever that you bring along proper lighting to guide your way.
Here are the two most common types of outdoor lighting equipment that will help you navigate through the woods and illuminate the night:
Handheld flashlights are a great choice in situations where you need a stationary light or you are looking for a narrow, strong beam that will help you to focus in on one specific area. When you're out in the woods, carrying a hefty, weighted flashlight can also help you to feel more secure when walking around at dusk.
When choosing the flashlight that is right for you, be sure to look for several key factors:
·         How bright is the light beam?
·         How long will the battery last?
·         Is it efficient in size and weight for the activity that you will be performing?
Electric Lanterns
If you are planning a camping trip, or are looking for a light source that will spread over a decent sized area, an electric lantern is probably the best way to go. Not only do these lamps have a long battery life and a good light output, but they are also very sturdy and can handle rugged use.
LED and florescent lanterns are also a great choice of lamp when you plan to go camping or outdoors with your family. Because these types of lights do not generate heat, they are safe around kids and pets.
Whether you find yourself wandering around the trail after dark, or simply wanting to carry on your camping conversation long after the sun has gone down, lighting is an extremely important component to any outdoor trip. Be sure to choose a light that is best for the activity that you will be participating in, and one that will last long after the sun rises again.
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