Motivated Moms Shoveling, Sledding, and Santa
Posted By:Heather Nelson
Posted On:Dec 25 2010 8:05PM

The day has come upon us quickly. How did it arrive so fast? In the wink of an eye, and the swirling of snow, we find ourselves celebrating the Christmas season, and it’s finale.  However, the day is just the beginning. Following today will be houses filled with giggles and toys, and children eager to get outside for a romp in the newly fallen fluff.  Gear-testers at their best, children are uninhibited in the fashion adults tend to embrace with age. Caution thrown to the wind, our children are ready for some fun. This is the day we have, today, to live the moment to the fullest with our kids.
I expect we will have more snow, more cold days, and more ice. Considering that we often take the time to stop and play with our kids on Christmas in the name of Santa, and that the time for New Year’s resolutions is yet to come, may we make it our goal to play more and laugh more in the year to come. It may require warmer gear, or extra energy, but the effort will not go unrewarded.
I have laughed to myself about the top 10 reasons to go out and shovel the snow; contemplate it, it’s a good smilemaker. Anything from being a glutton for punishment, to a great solution for a practical, dual-purpose, productive workout, to a perfect excuse to build a custom sledding hill for the kids, to an opportunity to serve a neighbor, unnoticed. 
On the note of sledding, there are hopefully plenty of outings to come. We have used our wooden sled on the shoveled snowhill, and had a blast playing with friends on the same. I recently had the great revival-of–the-toboggan experience. I was left with the resonating images of childhood fun zipping down the hills with my sister, parents, and the dog. Having put sleds under the tree this year myself, I am hoping to create those same smilemakers for my children that they can look back on.

A new year challenge to the Motivated Mamas and Papas, siblings, and those close to the hearts of children; ask them how you could make your family better or closer in the year to come. I recently heard the words of a small child expressing the desire for less work and more play. We all would love more play, wouldn’t we? But as this is a key way our children learn, grow, and express love, couldn’t we take the time to speak their love language? 
May I suggest we all consider this for our New Year’s resolutions; to play more and work less. 
Blessings of play to you and those you love,

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