Motivated Moms Should I Buy Bigger? More Bang-For-Your-Buck Children's Winter Gear
Posted By:Heather Nelson
Posted On:Dec 9 2010 10:56AM

Well, Motivated Mamas, it is that time of year; the snow has fallen and the kiddos are eager to be out in it. Maybe you are a pre-season shopper, or new arrival shopper, and some are more along the lines of, “oh my gosh, we need gloooovves”, and their children are temporarily layered with mom’s clothes! No matter what your scenario, there is the ongoing debate of whether to buy bigger, hoping to steal 2, maybe even 3 snow seasons out of winter layers, because we all know it adds up with each accessory. Do you let them swim for one year, or wade the next?
I have found at least one awesome solution; the Obermeyer I-Grow system. I am thoroughly impressed by the idea, and happy to give an in-person demonstration of the system. These snowpants and jackets have the ability to let down at least 1 ½ to 2 inches more of fabric by snipping a stitch line, so you can steal the extra season for your little snow angel. Another reason to let the kiddos get outside for a bit longer snowball fight, make a few more snow cones, and stay on the ski hill a bit longer. 
Not to mention, these guys have super cute, and stylin’, matching accessories….hats, gloves, and undergear for extra warmth. Keep junior from tripping over his snow pants this season, and an unplanned whitewash, and go Obermeyer I-Grow. 
Keeping you in the know on I-Grow,
Your fellow Motivated Mama, seeking the practical,
For a VISUAL on I-Grow...look here:

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