Motivated Moms Seasons of Cleansing
Posted By:Heather Nelson
Posted On:Aug 23 2010 10:56PM

Cleansing….washing away dirt, purifying the cluttered, jettisoning the unnecessary, burdensome, excess, making room for renewal, reinvention, and recreation, restoring to original condition or revealing something that has been covered over, tarnished, hidden or stifled. All things have their seasons. “There is a time for everything, a season for every activity….a time to plant, and a time to uproot…a time to tear down, and a time to build… a time to keep, and a time to throw away” (Ecclesiates 3: 1, 3, 6). A time to establish and embrace orderliness in the midst of chaos, upheaval, and change, considering Cleansing to be a friend, and Fear an aliby for Stuff’s acts of suffocation. 
Breathe deep the winds of change and toss Caution’s hesitancy to the skies. Not for foolishness and impulsivity, but for self-preservation and to clear the path for Freedom’s voice to break through. Making room for living life in the room. It is amazing how cleansing supplies what is needed for certain seasons. To think of cleansing, associated with separation and ridding of toxicity, simultaneously, as supplementing, layering, and adding in extra dimensions of health. 
So, that’s it. The kids are off to school, possibly the hubby is off to work, and you have a Moment at home. After a deep inhale and exhale, it kicks in….reorganization madness. A mom can be so quickly driven to seize the opportune time and go into cleaning frenzies. As truly as the “nesting” phase kicks in before the arrival of a little one, it’s like some intrinsic reflex that causes a mom to start gutting the closets of overindulgence and engorgement once the family sets foot out the door. Like spring cleaning, but fall freedom and freshening. Late-summer’s specialization in the essentials.
Again, in a culture of excess, often we have little recognition of essentials. But without scale comparisons, I am just going to say, it is more important in progress with detaching from the inundation of Stuff, in the immediacy, to identify unnecessary multiples, to realize what causes you to hold on to the things of the past, and to see what fears may be attached to the idea of letting go of clothing, toys, trinkets, gifts. Sometimes when we shed ourselves, our closets, cupboards, and storage places of clutter, we realize that deep emotions and experiences, memories of rites of passage for loved ones, and personal hopes and dreams are attached to these items. However, sometimes failure to let things go, in and of itself, brings a stifling to living out life to the fullest in the now. We can live holding on to the past, or building incessant kinetic energy for the future, rather than seizing NOW and living the MOMent with the ones we love.
It’s easy to wait…to wait for a better time, for a more refined organizational wall system, or for the setup you need to garage sale, ebay, or craigslist those items. It seems getting started is the best thing. Make boxes of things (easily obtained as excess and recyclables from local retail stores, families, and businesses), label them, and stack them. The biggest part is getting started. Then involve the family. Give the kids a box and ask them to sort through their belongings….what can go, what are favorites, what they would like to give away or share. Surprising how much they are able to identify what is not needed, who might like that toy more, and what they value. They often show you what is broken and can be fixed or not. You can help them learn about quality, priority, responsibility and good stewardship, and making good choices…. It can become some cool family times where you learn about each other and share, listening to what they are thinking and why.
For ourselves, moms, it is our time to cleanse. Ask yourselves those tough questions (if your one of those who likes to hold on to things)…do I need these papers, magazines, etc. Can I make a collage or dream book out of them with my family and have everyone share what it means to each other? Are you keeping those clothes because they remind you of another time in life or of a time that you were hoping for? Does it make sense to keep them anymore? Do they fit? I mean, really, do they fit? Is it misshapen, do you have to work to make the shirt work, do you need to lose 20 pounds to wear it again, is it outdated? Are you really going to wear it to the random costume party? I am finding more and more it is better for me to find 1 refined nice shirt and get rid of 10 others!
These are just meant to be food for thought. I went through some reorganization and jettisoning of excess recently. I have my box piles. I was surprised at how much I pulled out…and even yet, I know I could have round 2, 3, 4. I am tackling everything in layers, and in areas of the house, refining our household possessions. I may e-bay, garage sale, craigslist, and will donate and share with a friend for sure. So long as it is out, I have tackled step one! Join me mamas…tell me your tips….I am ready to hear. Mom’s have so many great ideas, tricks, and tools.
To the invigoration and renewal that comes with cleansing!
Your fellow Motivated Mom,
Jettisoning the unnecessary,

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