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Posted On:Jun 23 2011 12:23AM

I’ve found that I am a person that thrives on schedules when it comes to running.  I really don’t consider myself over the top Type A or anything, but I am definitely one to let the motivation slip on my running if it’s not written down.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a great friends that keep my motivation high every Sunday morning when we head out for our run, but that’s been about it for me and running since March.  The weekly motivation has been lacking.  Yikes, has it been that long?

My last race was the first weekend of May.  Tough As Nails – a 10 mile trail race up and down Roxy Ann peak in Medford.  I was not prepared at all for this race and decided to just take it as a casual weekend (and very hilly) long run with my good friend Brooke, who was in the same boat as I was.  It felt great, we finished the race, her with a much stronger kick, but we did it.  I thought my motivation would stay high, but again, it lagged during the week. 

Here I am, towards the end of June, the fire is starting to burn again.  I have pulled out my credit card and check book, and registered for three, hopefully amazing, runs in the fall.

August 26-27

Hood to Coast Relay – 197 miles, 12 Runners, 3 legs each

Did you watch the movie?  Everything you always wanted to know about Hood to Coast, for runners and non-runners alike, it was a great movie.  We are running as The Village Idiots again, and agree to have better costumes and decoration this year, and hopefully, no broken down van. (Registration is closed)

September 3

Rogue Valley Relay – 100K, Five Runners, 4 legs each

I’m super pumped about this one.  It’s a relay tour of the Rogue Valley, on bike path and the foothills all right in our back yard.  I’ll be in a van with two of my friends and all of our sig others!  I love local races - the start and finish line is about ten minutes from our house.  This relay has peaked my interest in the last few years (my hubby ran last year) but was never able to run – the date always used to be the same as Clear Water Outdoor’s Turkey Trot, which meant I was back in Wisconsin.  No complaints about that, but now I can do both this year! (Registration is open!)

September 25

1st Annual Rogue Run

This one is a half marathon on the bike path between Talent and Central Point, OR.  I’m excited for this one for lots of reasons.  It is a brand new race in the valley, it will be one of my friend’s first half marathons, and there is a “Table of Temptation” aide station.  Did I mention the Harvest Festival at the end – oh yes, the race ends with live music, pumpkin tossing, grape stomping, chili eating, and micro brew drinking in the beer garden. (Registration is open!)

November 5

Lithia Loop Marathon

A great trail marathon, 9200 feet of elevation change, only two miles of asphalt, and it’s a loop.  Sponsored by Rogue Valley Runners, who puts out the most awesome aide stations, complete with sandwiches, baked potatoes, chips, soda, if you’re craving it in the middle of a run, they most likely have it.  This marathon is also the USA Track & Field’s Trail-Marathon Championship.  Start line is about 15 minutes from our driveway.  Sweet! (Registration is open!)

May 20,2012

Portland Rock N Roll Half Marathon

Yes, it’s all the way in 2012, but registration was cheap for a limited time and I’ve always wanted to run a Rock N Roll race.  It’s on the schedule. (Registration is open!)

Let the training begin!

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