Clear Water Outdoor Safety Tips For A Fun Day At The Ocean This Summer
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Posted On:Aug 1 2012 6:25PM

Get the most of your beachside adventures with these important safety tips.

Now that we have officially entered the month of August, it is time to start planning out those last-minute summer trips that we have been dreaming about all season long and head off with our families to the closest body of water. After all, with how fast the summer has already flown by, school will be here again before we know it and it will be time to say sayonara to the warm weather once and for all.
If you are looking for a fun vacation spot that will be a hit with both your family and friends, look no further than the beautiful sites and sounds of the ocean shore. With the limitless amount of sports and activities that the ocean offers--from swimming, to surfing to paddleboarding--it will be just the place to keep your kids entertained from dusk until dawn, while also providing you with the long stretch of sand and serenity that you need to wind down from a hectic, fun-filled summer vacation.
However, while the beach is a popular choice for families all across the country when it comes to finding the perfect vacation spot, there are also a lot of dangers that come with being around the ocean. Not only is there a lot more water and people at the beach, but you must also be aware of dangerous currents, large waves and any sea life that may threaten to end your trip early.
Whether you are planning on heading to the ocean for the very first time, or you are bringing along children or friends who are new to swimming in the open sea, it is important that you follow certain safety tips to make sure you do not fall victim to any of the dangers the beach can bring.
Follow the Buddy System
The ocean is a very large, very powerful body of water. Therefore, it is important that anyone who goes swimming should have supervision or a swimming partner who is aware of their current location. Children especially should never swim in the ocean unless they are with an adult who is comfortable in the water.
Be Aware of Weather Conditions
Any time that you are heading outside into nature for an extended amount of time, you should check out the daily forecast for the day to make sure there are not any storms or weather hazards that you need to be aware of. However, even when checking before hand, unknown storms can still appear quickly at the beach. Therefore, always be sure to leave the water as soon as you hear signs of lightening or thunder. Bad weather conditions have been known to create strong waves that can drag swimmers into deeper water if they are not careful enough.
Know the Motions of the Ocean
If you have only ever swam in lakes or pools, then you may not be aware of the strong undercurrents that are constantly moving and shifting beneath every single wave. Sometimes these currents can be very strong and, in the case of rip currents, can even cause fatalities if people are stuck in them. If you are caught in a riptide, be sure to swim sideways, rather than with the current. This will eventually angle you back towards the beach.
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