Motivated Moms Prego In Prana
Posted By:Heather Nelson
Posted On:Nov 14 2010 9:23PM

As those baby-bearing Bellies blossom into full bloom little kickers, comfort, practicality, and some fashion, for crying-out-loud, is a beautiful thing to us mamas. For me, the key thing in my pregnancy purchases, were pieces that I could wear through all the stages. When it was all said and done, I didn’t want an article of clothing I despised in my closet, but a reminder of the beautiful gift that came with each of my children, and a basic fashion piece I still liked.
To date, years later, when I look in my closet, I have some cute empire waist tops that, mind you, I wore my whole pregnancy, and I still get complimented on them. One of my faves includes a super-practical drawstring-waist piece that gives as much grace as I want on that not-so-great belly day, and the wanted trimming on a better, “I feel fit” day. Most moms seem to have those days, truth be told. And once you’ve had a couple of children, that battle rages even harder; seemingly vascillating between how many slices of cheese you ate (hello, Wisconsin), or how big that slice of pizza was (hello, Chicago), even down to, “Really?!? Was that toooo much salad?”.
So I have found that great transformational top! I’m bringing it to you, hoping it will allow you to have some good, great, better, and best days. You can tighten, loosen, dress it up, dress it down, layer it with tank tops. And, another belly-lovin’ point is it’s super-touchable softness. The everyday, non-pregnancy top, that morphs through all the stages of pregnancy! And what could fit the epic moment of arrival better than for this now-donned-a-pregnancy-piece to bear a name like Prana, meaning “Breathe”!!!
Breathe mama, Breathe….welcoming the life of your precious little ones….breath gave us life, breathe in the life-growth of your little one, and welcome the breath of new life as you “breathe”... 
To Walking the Rite of Pranamama,

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