Kristen's Outdoor Adventures in Wildlife and Landscape Photography Photographs of Bobcat in Yellowstone National Park
Posted By:Kristen Westlake
Posted On:Oct 11 2010 3:00PM

February 2010 I was one of the few fortunate photographers to witness and photograph a very healthy young bobcat … quite close. I’ve blogged about this amazing experience earlier this year but have just processed a few more images from this time … so it’s time to share!

The snow and ice covered road was monitored by the Yellowstone Rangers and lucky for the photographers that were standing there the ranger was not the same mean one that I had encountered the first day I was there ( I got yelled at for parking 1/8 inch into the road .. he came after me where I was set up in the field to photograph bull elk .. he yelled and yelled – very uncalled for as my mistake was not intentional but more on that when I finally post my elk images).  .. so the ranger just tried to keep the photographers and onlookers off the road but didn’t make anyone leave.

Earlier this same day there had been some photographers telling me that they had seen a fox and a coyote on a carcass and this is where it was. I parked and set up along with a small line up of other photographers. We all chatted and while others tried to keep warm I did that well with my Patagonia base layers.  We stood there for at least a few hours until suddenly someone yelled ” Bobcat!” … Sure enough, here he or she came from up on the hill to the right and out of the woods. He just sauntered down, paying no mind to the people there admiring him. He was on the scent of the food that the fox had cached earlier that day.

He came quite close .. images of the bobcat filled my full frame D3X . …. Quite literally I was shaking in my boots and so excited I could barely move .. I watched him with my eyes and through my lens and had an absolute incredible time witnessing this beautiful creature … sharing the moment with others as well was a magical time.

Bobcat in Yellowstone

Bobcat on the scent trail of a mule deer carcass. A fox cached food earlier and the bobcat was out to take advantage of the work of the fox.

Bobcat in Yellowstone

Statuesque and beautiful bobcat stops for just a moment to look around.

Bobcat in evening light - Yellowstone National Park

As the light slowly faded away, the golden landscape beckoned an image.


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