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Posted On:Sep 14 2011 12:13PM

How to properly prepare yourself for the upcoming hunting season.

As any outdoor enthusiast will gladly tell you, the fall is one of the greatest seasons to head outdoors and soak up the sights and sounds of nature. Whether you enjoy walking through the crisp autumn trees on a hike, paddling across a calm lake in a kayak, or simply taking a jog through one of your local parks, there is no shortage of opportunities for outdoor adventure during the fall season.
However, outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers are not the only people who venture out into nature during the fall. Beginning in late August or early September, and lasting until as long as December in some states, hunters across the country begin to head into the woods and seek out their own kind of adventure.
While many people are hesitant about heading into the woods for a hike or jog in the midst of hunting season, there is no reason why you cannot share your outdoor space with one hunter or another, as long as you are cautious about your activities and prepare properly for your trip.
For the most part, hunters are just as aware of their surroundings and environment as you are, as they are constantly keeping their eyes and ears open for signs of animals. However, it still helps to follow some general safety guidelines and trip precautions to ensure that you reduce your chances of being mistaken by a hunter for an elk or dear.
Here are just a few tips for staying safe while you are out on the trail during hunting season:
Know The Different Hunting Seasons In Your Area
Depending on the state that you live in and the animal being hunted, hunting season can occur at many different times throughout the year. However, October is generally the high point of any hunting season. Double check with your local Fish and Game Department or research online when the different hunting seasons begin and end in your area. Also, keep in mind that game is most active around the time of sunrise and sunset, so avoid trails during this time if possible.
Make Yourself Known
Because hunters are constantly listening in for any sound of animal movement while they are out in the woods, make noise to advertise your identity and position to hunters. Speaking loudly will let it be known that you are in the vicinity, as well as whistling or singing. If you do happen to hear shooting, be sure to raise your voice and announce that you are a hiker walking around the area.
Wear Bright Clothing
The most important thing that you can do when heading into the woods during hunting season is make yourself visible to hunters. The best way to do this is to wear colors that stand out, such as blaze orange-- a bright color worn by hunters which excites the visual spectrum, making you nearly impossible to miss. Also, avoid wearing any white, brown or tan colors while you are out on a hike, as you may easily be mistaken for a hunter's quarry.
If you still feel uncomfortable about venturing into hiking areas after following these tips, consider hiking or travelling to areas away from those that are popular with hunters. There are many areas in each state, such as a national park or state park, which is closed to those who are game hunting.
Fall is a great time of year for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. However, you shouldn't let the hunting season spoil your chance to get outside and soak up the sights of the season. Follow these simple steps to ensure that you have a safe, enjoyable outing this upcoming fall.
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