Clear Water Outdoor Outdoor Adventures: How To Get Started With Trekking
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Posted On:Nov 17 2011 1:56PM

The basics of trekking and what you need to know before you get started.

There are many different reasons why outdoor enthusiasts choose to bring their workouts into the surroundings of nature--to get a nice change of scenery outside of their gym or workout center, to challenge themselves with more difficult workouts and physical activities, or even to escape from the stress and chaos of the world for just an hour or two.
However, no matter what your motivation may be for getting outside and getting in a good workout, one thing is for sure--there is nothing more breathtaking or invigorating than performing some of your favorite outdoor activities in the presence of nature.
When it comes to exploring and adventuring through the wilderness outside, there are few outdoor activities that allow you to become closer with nature and truly get lost in the beautiful outdoors than trekking. This popular outdoor activity is not only a great way to escape the hustle  and bustle of our busy work lives, but it is also a great way for friends and families to come together and participate in an activity as one big group.
Trekking is also an activity that requires only a minimal amount of gear and experience to get started. Plus, because your trekking plans can be completely structured and planned out according to each individuals level of experience, it remains one of the most enjoyable activities for people who would like to work out outside, but do not have the experience and skills necessary for mountain climbing or intensive hikes.
Here is some basic information about trekking in the outdoors and what you need to know before you get started:
What Is Trekking?
The sport of trekking can mean many different things to different people. However, it generally involves the act of walking around in some kind of wilderness, usually in a spot that is off the beaten bath, and taking in the scenery that the experience has to offer. Trekking can also be incorporated with a number of other outdoor sports, such as backpacking, hiking and rock climbing.
Where Can You Trek?
Trekking can be done anywhere in the world, depending on your level of experience and expertise. If you are new to the sport, you can start off with a short walk on a well defined track in an area that you are familiar with. Being aware of your surroundings and observant of your landmarks will help you feel more comfortable if you become disoriented. Once you become more experienced, trekking can be done anywhere in the world. Many experienced trekkers enjoy going on week or month long trips to popular mountainous regions, such as the Himalayas or the Andes.
What Kind Of Equipment Do You Need?
There are several pieces of gear and equipment that you may need to make your trek a little more comfortable and enjoyable. For instance, many trekkers like to carry a comfortably-fitting backpack to carry all of their belongings in, including essentials such as warm clothing, a first aid kid and a supply of food and water. You also need to find a light, sturdy pair of boots that will support you throughout your trek.
Once you become more experienced with the activity, you may wish to include a trekking pole to your equipment. The choice of whether or not to use a trekking pole when you are in the outdoors is a completely personal preference. However, most serious trekkers usually use at least one pole.
If you are interested in taking your workout into the outdoors while hoping to connect with nature at the same time, trekking may be a great sport for you. With a proper amount of research and preparation, you can be hiking through the wilderness and soaking up all the outdoors has to offer.
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