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Posted On:Mar 31 2011 4:48PM

In a world that is consistently throwing away trash and creating a landfill issue, it's great to see companies that are doing their part to save the planet. One Colorado-based purse company, O Loves M, is doing just that, and she's doing it in style!

While in the downward dog yoga pose one day, Merle O'Brien (founder) wondered where all of the used yoga mats were going. From that moment she was inspired to create O Loves M. She contacted companies to purchase new and unused materials that were headed to landfills, and those are the fundamental materials used in her bags today! Materials range from yoga mats to Chaco webbing and recycled fabrics. These super cute, earth friendly purses come at a wallet friendly price too ranging between $15-$62.

We just received our first order from O Loves M, and as we were stocking them and arranging them on our shelves, we (well at least I) were already secretly planning which ones we were going to claim for ourselves.

My favorite is the "Heather" which measures in at  7×8.5×2 and has a long thin Chaco strap. The top of the bag has a zipper to provide safety and security. An inside and outside pocket also make it easy to stay organized.

Kellie's favorite is the "Daley" which features a yoga mat for the back and bottom, but has fabric on the front. The mixture of fabrics give the bag a whimsical touch, while 2 inside pockets make it practical. The snap closure also helps keep your items safe and secure.

Stop in the store or check them out online and find out what the rage is all about. We are predicting these will not stay on the shelves for long!

Remember, using this purse makes a difference. You are not only carrying a stylish bag but you are also keeping products out of the landfil! Reuse & Recycle!

-Crystal & Kellie

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