Clear Water Outdoor New Stand Up Paddleboards and Kayaks for 2011
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Posted On:Apr 25 2011 1:28PM

Clear Water Outdoor 2011 Paddling Story
Carrying our paddling mission forward, our support for paddlers includes instruction, activities, and an active relationship.
This year the vessels that we have brought in include kayaks, stand up paddleboards, and canoes. The kayak line up is the most thorough we've ever had, and can be divided into three main catagories: recreational, transitional, and touring.
RECREATIONAL – These boats are stable and comfortable, but not as efficient gliding through the water. We have become enamored with the Wilderness Systems Pungo and offer a broad size range, it offers a very stable boat with a large cockpit. The Pungo also offers the a great seat and a nice dashboard to bring some comfort supplies, check it out. We are also bringing in some more Hobie Kayaks with their foot peddling system. Another sit-on-top this year is the Tribe singles and tandems. Don’t forget to investigate the affordable and super versatile, Pamlico 13T!
TRANSITIONAL - The transitional boats have features of an efficient and seaworthy touring boat, as well as, the comfortable features of the recreational boats (larger cockpit and the lounge-like seats). We offer the Current Designs Vision made out of composite materials, which makes them very light! We are also expanding the line of the Wilderness Systems Tsunamis (more sizes), in the rotomolded make-up (plastic). By the way, the Tsunami line was inadvertently named just before the scary 2004 tsunami and the company decided to use proceeds from this boat to help tsunami victims.
TOURING - These boats are the most efficient and seaworthy craft that are available and we are excited to offer the Current Design touring boats. Current Designs is not only regionally built in Minnesota, but offers arguably the most comprehensive line-up of touring kayaks. We have chosen to present a comprehensive selection of their boats to try for size and handling (three different hull designs = three different feels in the water). This year, although you can buy one of our boats, we would like you to find your preferred size and style by trying out our boats. Then, through a new and unique system, we can order your custom craft with personalized colors and material. Since they are made only hours away from our shop, they can build your boat and we will deliver it in weeks.  It's really a great program! 
Being the first on the lake with SUP's 3 years ago, we are still very excited about stand up paddleboarding! Similar to kayaks, our paddleboard selection can be broken into three catagories: touring, all-around, and racing.
TOURING - The touring boards have a hull design that displaces water, the nose splits the water like a ship’s bow. Another differentiating characteristic of touring boards is their size…they are bigger for carrying gear (i.e. “let’s go camping” and much larger riders). We have brought the Tahoe SUP boards in to share with the community. They are beautiful and perfect for flat water!
RACING – Racing board have very similar displacement hulls to the touring boards, but are more narrow and lighter. These features make the boards more efficient, but are noticeably less stable. Check out our Hobie SUP racing boards and Tahoe Z-elites.
ALL-AROUND - These boards are commonly used for surfing, but are great for exercise and touring on flat water. We have the Hobie ATRs, Hypr Nalu, Surftech Lairds, NRS inflatable boards, Liquid Shredder, and more on the way! We still expect to bring in plastic (rotomolded YOLO boards) and the a gorgeous custom Walk OnWater board (wood strip paddleboard, made in WI).
Clear Water Outdoor is proud of our regional opportunities for canoes and the complete inclusion of participants to this sport. We have chosen to offer two catagories of canoes: touring and sport.
TOURING – These are famous boats with one of our favorite purposes. Grab your gear and head for the backcountry (i.e. Boundary Waters National Canoe Park! or cruise efficiently around your local water). These boats are made to glide efficiently on flat water and to be light for carrying. We don’t have many canoes, but we have the best: Wenonah Minnesota II and Wenonah Spirit II! Both are tandems, but we can custom shop a single for you and nearly anything can be special ordered. 
SPORT - The sport category is great for families, fishing, and short pleasure paddles. These boats are more stable, but less efficient. Our favorite is the Wenonah Kingfisher, but we have a couple of other choices.
Don't forget we have one of the largest selections of paddles and boating accessories around. Shop online or come in and see us any time.  
With paddling events happening every week, it's easy to join us to go paddling in 2011! Wishing you health, happiness and peace!
David and the team at CWO

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