Clear Water Outdoor My Winter Philosophy: Kellie "Kirky" Kirkpatrick
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Posted On:Feb 22 2010 7:09PM

Almost every time I utter the words “I love winter”, I am met with looks of resentment and disgust.  My sanity is questioned, and at times I sense even my morals are in question. How could I love winter? Maybe it’s because I was born in December that I find a natural partiality to the snowy, cold months. Maybe it’s from living for a few years out in the mountains of Colorado.  Where it didn’t just snow up there… it SNOWED.  Almost every week we’d get over a foot of snow.  What did we do? We hunkered down, started a fire, and read books out loud to each other until the roads cleared, and life went on as normal. Maybe its because when it is cold out, I find it’s a great excuse to do the very things I love like sleep, read a good book, and drinks lots of tea.
More than any of these other reasons, I think my philosophy to love winter came down to a conscious decision I made a while back.  I choose to find things that I loved to do in winter. Things that can only be done in winter.  Things to look forward to about the snowy winter season.  I figured that each year we would inevitably spend several months “suffering” through the freezing temps and nasty weather, so why not make the most of it? So… I took up snowboarding.  I started to fall in love with cross-country skiing. I bundled up and took snowy hikes through the trails I enjoy so much in the summer.  I found the adventure of taking a pair of snowshoes and setting off across the frozen lake.  In each of these activities I have found so much joy and beauty that I would never trade it, not even for 3 more months of summer. Nothing can compare to a crisp day in the woods with the sun glimmering off of the snow in the tree branches.

Another key is to have the right clothing. I’m the first to admit that when I’m cold… I’m crabby.  If you have the right gear, there’s no need to feel cold! Although skeptical at first, I have found my Patagonia Down Sweater to be the only winter coat I need.  I have also discovered that wool is, in one word, AMAZING. How does it keep you so warm?! A good pair of Smartwool socks, a warm pair of Sorel boots, wool baselayers, down jacket, and snug winter hat make just about any day not only bearable, but also down right enjoyable! 
So my challenge for you… choose to LOVE winter.  Get the right gear, find some activities unique to winter, and start living all year round! And if you ever need someone to hit the slopes or the trails with, you just let me know.

- Kellie Kirkpatrick

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  •  Posted By: ANTHONY ACKER
     Posted On: Mar 15 2010 7:57PM 
    True that! I like where your heads at. Initially you’re hesitant (to try what you have) or maybe it's your narrow minded fault. Sometimes negative influences of others "cracking” on your desire to seek life in a way that improves yourself, may question/threaten those individuals. Whatever your case may be, I'm happy for you. Certainly you've made the right move.
    On the other hand, the snow is gone and adaptation is renewed. With the end comes a new beginning and thus the seasons of life.
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