Posted By:Laura Luksich
Posted On:Mar 19 2010 1:15AM

Most people think of a night life as getting out, listening to great music, and having fun with your friends.  Mine takes place on the trails and the roads, most often with all the aforementioned included.

When I think of nightlife, I think of
Brooks Nightlife.

I love Brooks Nightlife.  Nightlife anything, especially through those dark mornings and evenings,  I truly feel more confident running in my ultra-bright nightlife gear:
  • Nightlife Podium ½ Zip (it’s old – you can still find it on clearance on some sites)
  • Nightlife Hatwith the bonus flashing red LED light on the back
  • Nightlife Vest this one is actually Aaron’s, but if I’m desperate on a dark and rainy night, I’ll grab it.  They do make a women's version I just haven't bought it yet.
My favorite, by far, is my Podium ½ Zip, even though it is about five years old, it has stood up well.  The fabric is 100% moisture transfer polyester with a wicking finish – the Podium Waffle Mesh.  When I’m running with this shirt on (and my headlamp) I know I’m seen.

An evening run with the ladies.
If I’m on the road, I’m on the left side facing traffic (as runners should for safety reasons).  Many of the roads here are winding, hilly, and don’t have much of a shoulder.  I definitely notice a difference on low light days, or in the dark, when the cars veer a bit further away from me when I’m wearing my Nightlife.  This shirt does all the screaming and waving for me at those drivers who think no one else would ever be out at 5:30am.

Brooks has only made their nightlife line better over the years.  My advice - invest in it as a form of cheap life insurance.  Runner + car = bad.  Once you invest, you’ll be hooked.  The bonus – it lasts for years!

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