Motivated Moms Moms- Necessary Humor About Body Changes
Posted By:Heather Nelson
Posted On:Aug 13 2010 6:05PM

So I went to jump on this trampoline today…need I say more? As moms, there is something like this secret language; we need not complete a sentence and the other can finish it. 
What a great brief encounter with another mama this morning that just made me chuckle. We were separately arriving at a local coffee shop stop, each of us taking a bathroom break, and on first meeting, were joking about our lack of comprehension in our rise n’ shine conversation relating and due to years of sleep deprivation. Without missing a beat, she quickly asked, “How old are yours?”. A big smile came across my face as we spent the next minute gabbing with grins about how funny it was that we knew “the code” before we even shared that we both had busy children, and therefore were both still waking up for another full day of adventure.
So when I say to you I went to jump on this trampoline today, I know majority of you know exactly what I am talking about, or at least you know someone who does. 
I laugh because I hit the water to SUP briefly with a friend and gave prerequisites….”okay, I’m gonna take off my rash guard (blue top on surfer, Bethany Hamilton) and just wear my swimsuit, but you cannot laugh at my post-children belly”….to which most respond graciously, and my friend did. For most of us mamas I think it is more about asking for grace…Saying, in a sense, “I know what the world demands, but please be gracious with me because I am more than my skin, and I’ve carried the lives of children within this vessel”. And, in my circumstance, “I just want to relax, SUP, and get some sun in too!”.
But all of us moms appreciate anyone who can empathize with our journey, laugh about it with us, and see us for more than our skin. It is good to be a vessel! You are awesome mamas! You are SO much more than your skin.
Your fellow Motivated Mom,
Embracing the journey and “the code” we share,

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