Motivated Moms Mom's Making Use of the Local Farmer's Market
Posted By:Heather Nelson
Posted On:Oct 2 2010 11:02PM

A fantastically colorful and ripe time of year, the fall exudes rich tones and the last of locally-grown outdoor flavors before the frozen time of year falls outside your doors in the color of white. These are the moments we can catch the last days of the local Farmer’s Markets and local Community Supported Agricultural programs. This means getting outside with the family, looking over fresh, locally grown produce, meeting kind growers and town artisans, and taking advantage of small opportunities to make your life just a wee bit more healthy.
While there are larger markets that do go year round, many go for two to three seasons of the year. It depends on the town/city, facilities and space available, weather, and produce. It’s an easy search online, at the local Chamber of Commerce sites, community calendars, and local newspapers to find what might be available in your area. Often farmer’s markets and CSA programs can be combined with other educational and fall fun, outdoors activities when it comes to the season known for harvest.
It becomes a great educational opportunity with the little ones too. Naming colors, vegetables, fruits, describing flavors, and learning from local farmers what needs to be done to make this amazing produce. Often the local farmers are more than willing to schedule a special field trip for children to learn more about the growing process and the hard work, and sometimes relatively easy to replicate process, of growing produce. This is a great time to answer the questions like, “Mom, why is a snow pea called a snow pea? Does it grow in the snow? Is it made from snow? Does it only grow in the winter?”. Mom’s can you answer those questions? It’s an opportunity to engage our children and ourselves in shared learning, asking the expert, regular growers! And we can even bring along a book on veggies, fruits, the harvest season, and community supported agriculture, to deepen their experience of the local produce, and learn about it more online at home. With some ownership, maybe they will even want to grow some of their own come springtime!
So don’t forget to pull out those community activity calendars in the last days of fall, and to snag an outdoors, healthy family moment, before the time when our rains start to freeze and our children are wondering if this is what was meant by “snow peas”…
To a small Moment of Educational and Healthy, Local Living,

Your fellow Motivated Mom,


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