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Posted By:Heather Nelson
Posted On:Jul 26 2010 2:56PM

Allow me to laugh at myself for a minute and indulge in sharing a story with you. I spontaneously embraced a fitness moment today with my youngest child while we were waiting out the duration of a family member’s appointment. First, I was texting, lol, about what to bring to an upcoming birthday party and intermittently addressing email pertaining to work. In the midst, I was able to obtain a ball for my energetic youngest to kick around. I knew the fun outlet would be appreciated.
Before five minutes passed, I was caught up in a full-on soccer (guised in the ordinary rubbery shell of the
approximately $2.99 ball from your local superstore) domination battle of fun! We were running speedily up and down the carpeted ball court seizing the moment we had! I found myself laughing from the belly, carefree, with my child tickled to bursting and grinning from ear to ear. Running around like a silly girl, I occasionally saw the clock and noticed the time slipping by….aaannd…I was beginning to break a sweat! It came upon me suddenly: I realized just how good this MOMent was; my child was happy, we were both getting a physically, mentally, and relationally good outlet, and we were just flat out having fun. 
I thought of how simple it was: playing, embracing an opportunity in a segment of a span of time, and sweating. Utilizing just an iota of our design, we found a run riot, have-at-it, morning moment that resonated into the moonlit hours.
Like the stone that suddenly plunked into the waters (picking up the ball to play); the initial impact seems so much more significant, the water rolling heavy and round, but as it ripples outward, it still affects things around. The first plunk we are hit with the realization of the impact of the stone to water, like the impact of what can be gained from a moment. We could just ignore the ripples; all the implications and realizations from the moment. We could just focus on the drop and ignore all else, or we could choose to watch the flow and the billowing out of the waters, so easily and amazing impacted by a single stone’s throw.  MOMents can create memories we try to relive and recreate again and again, they can be forgotten out of frailty, or they can serve as a segway to new seasons, smoother skipping stones because of observation and a more skilled approach, or a series of other stone shots made purely for the delight of the resonating ripple and all it’s affects. I hope that for us, this is a reminder that segways into remembering to seize those moments of spontaneity. That we see the simplicity and deep value of embracing a moment, just a moment, fresh new moments, again and again and again…..
I think of this Moment with my son as free family fitness because it cost me nothing; okay, I got sweaty unplanned and had to take a shower when I got home, but the benefit of my sweetheart’s smile, that stayed though the sun went down, the physical fitness affect it provided to me, and the flat out fun release far outweighed any salty inconvenience! 
I thought how blessed we are to have bodies built to cool themselves, a drinking fountain to walk over to for rehydration, and health and happiness to run around. To have a minute to laugh at myself, when trying to outrun my youngest child and kicking a ball back and forth, I just happened to have a ball bounce off the wall, knock me upside the head, and in a fancy attempt to kick it again, have it ricochet off, hit my purse and almost knock over my morning coffee. Needless to say, we cracked up at how silly mom was, and both crumbled to the floor in laughter. How many times a day are we supposed to laugh for our health?
These MOMents of all out funnies, family, and fitness motivated me to think further of how to bless my children and others by taking the spontaneous MOMent by the horns and saying “I meet you” while waving fervently the bright red flag to the bull bracing itself for a bold run! 
I thought of how, since Elementary school, I’ve been hearing the fitness speeches of how exercising for only 20 minutes a day 5 times a week, or 30 minutes 3 times a week, can make a significant difference in our physical health. If we seized more of these small MOMents with our children, combined with the large amounts of weight lifting; 40 pounds, 20 reps, 7 days a week, for hugs, or to satiate the “carry meeee, mom!” desires of our children, not to mention all the bags we schlep of child and family gear, groceries, laundry, and the overabundance of toys and books, we would have no problem keeping our bodies closer to that healthier shape we long for. At least our mind, heart, and relational shape with our family would be even more enhanced and toned! More than anything, I make that my goal! For my family to be “cut” and “ripped”, so-to-speak! What greater outcome than to be closer together, embracing the MOMents we have. Life is so overtaken by lesser things, and what is better than the reward of living for that which is truly of value…embracing, shaping, and blessing the heart of a child.
So, Mamas, let’s put some gear in the trunk of our cars (if it’s not already there).   Aside from the safety standards, let’s add in the sourproof snacks (healthy snack bars or cereals), extra water when we leave home, and some super fun family fitness gear. You can go small and slim with hacky sacks, kites, and Frisbees, or semi-space-sensitive with soccer balls, footballs, nerf balls, baseball bats, balls, and gloves, up to bikes you can throw on a rack. Be creative and think of your family as you pack your entertainment essentials. Have a pack of wipes or a washcloth and wet bag (more eco-friendly) to hold your clean-up gear, and some back-up easy thin-fold clothes. Be ready for the beach or a quick run with shoes, swim gear, etc. In the summer, I don’t leave home without it. You could be ready for anything mamas, including that great nature trail that you pass by and say, “oh, we’ll have to come back and hike that someday”. Do it today. Take the gear and be ready. It actually takes little space. Just choose what’s right for your family, based on where you live, landscape surroundings, practicality, and the ages of your children. What a great opportunity we have to play today. Hoping you get a great MOMent to seize a salty exercise session of spontaneity and smiles with your loved ones! 
Until next time….
Your fellow Motivated Mom,
Seizing the smiles,

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