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Posted By:Heather Nelson
Posted On:Aug 16 2010 12:42AM

Goals reached, achieved, arrived at, should be celebrated no matter how big or small. Isn’t there a saying that the greatest victories are ultimately won from a single battle? . 
We’ve heard the mentioning of long-term versus short-term goals....
“Life can be pulled by goals as surely as it can be pushed by drives”- Victor Frankl
Picture a large-scale, deep passion driving force propelling you forward. A long-term vision is not to be brushed aside, but to be stored in the heart for the journey, the process, and the opportune time.
On a daily basis, however, it comes down to so many smaller details that can squelch the life out of a dream. As I heard one mom put it, “Trying to remember who I am and what I like to do”….trying to maintain a shred, an ounce, of what was once a part of my daily life that I so thoroughly enjoyed. So I am saying that TODAY has to be a live and active embracing of our grass is the greenest. We have to love the journey that we are on, with all of the ones that we love, and take stock in that no one else will ever be ME on MY journey with the ones in MY life. There never has been and never will be another ME!!! Of which my point is, mamas, there never has been and never will be another YOU! Treasure it and the ones you love! We transform our own lives by appreciating what we have right around us; two voices in harmony, a moment where all technological stimuli is shut off or disconnected, a child’s giggle, smile, or exuberant game of “catch my superhero”, the smallest goal achieved.
See we have no guarantees of tomorrow, or even tonight. Finding ways to rejoice through today and love today seems crucial. Even on the simplest things. A spirit of gratitude and thanksgiving.
Such a small accomplishment in the scope of life, but I am still riding the wave of celebration…having accomplished my summer’s end goal of a yoga headstand on a stand-up paddle board. My gauge is I made it all about 3 seconds unassisted. I’ll take it!  I am not complaining about technically having hit my goal, be it 3 seconds or 33 of balancing! Now, celebrating that “whoo-hoo” MOM-ent, I am setting my stakes toward lengthier balancing, variations of the headstand, and so on. Not to mention, I have noticed in small ways that others most likely may not, some trimming of my sidelines in my paddling efforts!
How often when we check off every last thing on our days’ list, do we say, “Wow! Look! I did it!”.  Do not count in your mental mom checklist that is always nagging in the back of your mind: organize every toy bin to the “t”, alphabetize, activity and age-categorize your children’s clothing, give regularly to the most fiscally-responsible non-profit orgs (not to mention the research to determine this), and go totally organic and natural where possible, making everything healthy and from scratch. Take a minute, breathe, and celebrate it…your MOMent of accomplishment. When we embrace the small things we can achieve, the bigger things are so much less overwhelming….as they say, one bite at a time, “baby steps”. Let me now rest and enjoy, cherish hard work well done, take a respite in the pages of a light read
All these things being said, there is great value to that which drives you on and propels you forward; there is a place for large-scale, long-term goals. I am just taking a MOMent to say let’s appreciate, embrace, and celebrate all the little victories and not let them be snuffed out in the day to day busyness.
And this goes to positive reinforcement to our children and others around us. Celebrating their achievements and fellowshipping in their joys, encouraging an environment of appreciations, which, in turn, may become a place of peace and refuge in trials.
A great example of this was with my youngest child, who was rewarded by one of his very most favorite teachers for a moment of obedience in a classroom setting. He had a small victory in good listening and at the end of class got to pick out a treat for his responsiveness. The teacher didn’t beg him to do what was right, argue, manipulate, or threaten. The boundary line laid out, he had to choose, and in a passing moment, he made the right choice! At the end of class, he was taken aside and rewarded. Positive reinforcement! Celebration of a tiny battle won by my son! 
May we grow in the grace and humility to celebrate joyously the smallest MOMents,
To your MOMents of appreciation and for all you do MOM’s!
Sending Mama MOMents of rest your way,
Your fellow Motivated Mom,

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