Motivated Moms MOM- Managing Overcommitment & Motivation
Posted By:Heather Nelson
Posted On:Jul 31 2010 1:17PM

Have you ever found a weekend where you were triple-booked without any bail out options? Do you find yourself trying to manage and balance professional commitments, family and friend gatherings, and necessary obligations, let alone embrace a MOMent for personal desires? As a mom it is easy to come upon a moment of realizing you are overcommitted when the individual planners of family members align, revealing a total eclipse- AKA crisis.
Motivation can be defined in multiple ways but involves an internal or external stimulus that can drive a mom onward toward goals or desired outcomes. Mom’s often juggle the motivation of multiple individuals within a familial context, plus the drive of other forces externally impacting the flow and calendar of each child and adult within the home. Bottom line: a balancing act of desires, goals, and boundaries. Ultimately a circus feat that boils down to protecting the structure of the family circle from total disarray. I like to think of it as Cirque Du Soleil (click play) a bit, with some beauty in the wild changing frontiers of a set stage, taking form through human motion, weaving our way through the battles and fantastic moments. What does this mean? We are tested in the skill of saying “yes”, “no”, and “to be determined/yet negotiable”. Nevermind the wisdom it takes to discern what goes on the chopping block and what requires compromise or space to fruitiate.  Always keep some humor in your pocket for some reassurance and relief....a great, and funny example, of saying "no": "Now about our brother Apollos:  I strongly urged him to go to you with the brothers.  He was QUITE UNWILLING to go now, but he WILL go when HE has the opportunity." (I Corinthians 16:12, NIV, Paul's letter to the Corinthian people, emphasis added).  OnThe Waiting Room blog, a woman spoke of learning this from her Beth Moore study, and being free to say "no".  What a journey of learning....
Mom’s, when you find yourself triple-booked, what do YOU do? How do you decide? How do you prioritize?
See, being a mom, a wife, a friend, is so much more about service, gentle listening, and discernment/adept perception. Do we have, or make, the time to be still, to enjoy and really listen to our family and those we love? Sometimes, when we are overbooked, the best solution is listening; to our inner stress gauge, and physiological phenomena, to our inner desires and fires driving us onward, and to our inner circle of loved ones. Sometimes it is reaching outward; to resources and books of Wisdom, to access more information about what we are committed to by asking questions of clarification (ex: timeframes, activity involved, possibilities of flexibility in scheduling, etc.), and to others outside our inner circle that may be able to provide unbiased and unfettered insights.
A topic at large as been the question of whether we have become an over-paced society. One does not have to look far to engage with topics of technology and our over-to-doing-it. Why do we think we have to “accomplish” so much; to check so many things off our list? Surely it is good to have goals, and strive to attain them, but could our agendas be set to unreasonable expectations? And are those goals (desired outcomes) appropriate to our current circumstances; should we do a bit of restructuring to our calendar and self-demands in order to restore the order to our homes?
To whose drum do we march? Is it the world’s, a past goal in a different stage of life, that is maybe of value or possibly not worth pursuing, or even someone else’s demands in our personal lives? …Enter stage right, listening…listening…listening; the music and language of insight, discernment, and understanding. I would rather be in step to the beat of my child’s heart, than fail to fall out of line with the world’s time. Sometimes we have to march to the beat of a different drummer (scroll to sand footprints card- MA-100) , whether someone else catches that rythymn, understands it, or feels the need to dance.
Enters stage left, the word “no” and with it, boundaries. A wise and very human man named Solomon, inspired, once stated in a Proverb, “Like a city who is broken into and without walls is a man who has no control over his spirit.” (Proverbs 25:28, NAS). I have heard it restated, “A man without boundaries is like a city without walls”; easily overrun, defenseless, vulnerable to dangerous advantage and disgraced was a city that had broken down walls. And with the word “no”, demanding self-control and perspective, regarding one thing, comes the reminder and reward that we say “yes” to another. We welcome energy, family, reassurance, clarification, a new season or stage in life, a fresh, or maybe revived, sense of empowerment that comes with wise decision-making. …And then enters Center stage: REST. Ensured that you will not miss all of life, and surely will otherwise miss your sanity, you find yourself RESTing in the moment. Enjoying and basking in the realization that in the MOMent you are growing in Life, with people you love, and through obstacles meant to take you to the next level of discernment, joy, and peace. 
REST mamas…and seize this MOMent, aware that with simple tools we can balance this tight rope act of Managing Overcommitment and Motivation.
Does anyone else have some great suggestions? I look forward to hearing your thoughts. 
Your fellow MOM,
RESTing in the MOMent,

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