Motivated Moms Mom Is Out Dancing In The Rain
Posted By:Heather Nelson
Posted On:Oct 24 2010 8:47AM

Have you ever spent time dancing in the rain? It was raining out last night and I took a moment to stop and take it in. It has been awhile since I danced in the rain, and I began thinking afterward about all that we receive from being “in” the rain. Day by day, it is easy to get into the fury of a whirlwind of tasks and to-do’s and where-I-should-be’s, but more and more I am embracing times of dedicated stillness, gleaned at the perfect consummate hue of turning. Recently observing a silent friend, I can’t help but find a calm that reminds me to stop and take it in. I reflect. In the rain....
Resonating... Last night, in a time of year where the rains are cool, I still found it so inviting, even in the surrounding darkness, to stand, face to the sky, and let it fall on me. An 11 hour day of hard work left me ripe to rise captivated, motionless, to experience life pouring over me in stillness and the dancing of droplets off my skin.
I think back. As a child, I played in the fog, rain, and mists. 

As I grew, when the rains poured and came in waves, sheets, and torrents, wet, muddy grass was not a deterrent; we jumped into the lower pockets of earth in our backyard with our neighborhood friends and splashed around. 

In my college years, when I lived in a land well-known for it’s rain, I would spontaneously fall into it’s singing lure and beckoning, disregarding any need to keep any article of clothing or personal belonging dry, delightfully neglecting the norm, and I’d spend hours walking in the rain, letting it pour over me, lost in a stream of time. I have danced in the concrete jungle, hopping through puddles with a sister who was my friend, to the laughter of others around, to which we were mostly oblivious and more engaged in our own whirl and reel in season. 

I can easily mark the rains to some of the happiest moments in my life.
Engaging with throwing off the norms and confines of the day and routine, and falling into the span of time, where water splashing down seems to absorb our being and nourish our souls as we fall into it. Whether rains soothe in sorrow, fall like tears of healing from the heavens in pain,

comfort in uncertainty, add to the joy and celebration of life with our family and friends, encourage us to engage in stealing away in stillness with someone you love,

or just remind us to throw off hindrances and live a playful life, I am certain the rain is capable of doing so much more than just nourishing the earth. There are incalculable life lessons in nourishing the soul. The gift of rain.
Ahhhh….The fall rains…a reason to hide away? I am thinking not for this mom’s season. Since it is getting chillier, I may use a colorful shell from time to time to keep my skins dry, but expect to see me with my hood flipped back and my head to the sky this harvest. 

I am engaging with my rain….and my kids. So, mom’s, let’s not hide away yet. This is a great reason for a bad hair day! And a great excuse to get outside a little bit longer. Maybe we can’t always get soaked through and follow-up with hot cocoa and a bubbly bath, maybe we have to be careful about our health and “catching a chill”, but I’m thinking, for me, I have to catch some moments dancing in the rain with my kiddos this fall, even if we wear a shell and all...
Hoping you can take a moment to fall into the rain…….heather

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  •  Posted By: Heather Nelson
     Posted On: Oct 26 2010 12:54PM 
    Here in downtown Lake Geneva, it is some moody and feisty weather today. Heavy wind, deep blue-grey skies, whipping rain, to light blue and white fluffy clouds with a touch of sunshine. :) After a bustling, chilly morning, I thought I'd snag myself a coffee to warm up. As I walked down the street in my Patagonia Stretch Velocity Hoody with thumbholes, the wind started to blow, the cloud cover rolled in, and a light, cold rain started falling over me. I was warm because my jacket has some nice, breathable weather-protection, and I was not turning back. Recognizing my temptation to put my head down and not face the rains, I realized I needed to throw my head to the sky and let the rains reach my skin. I smiled. I made my way happily to coffee, and when I came out, I was met with sunshine and light blue. We can always use the reminder to embrace the rains, can't we?
    Here's a taste of a similarly diverse hoody I have my eye on for these weather-unpredictable days (the Salomon Swift Midlayer Hoody):

  •  Posted By: Trudi Nelson
     Posted On: Oct 24 2010 3:43PM 
    Just absolutely beautiful! You almost feel as if you are out in the rain when reading this blog. You are so right Heather, we all need to take more time to dance in the rain. I remember doing exactly this very thing when I was a child. I think we all get so wrapped up in life as we know it, that we sometimes forget to take that time for oursleves and our children.
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