Clear Water Outdoor Mind and Body Workout: Getting Started With Yoga
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Posted On:Mar 8 2012 11:53AM

What you need to know before beginning your very first yoga class.

When it comes to beneficial health and fitness activities, there is no shortage of sports and workouts that can help get you heart pumping and push you to your physical limit. Whether you are looking to get in an adrenaline rush through mountain climbing, or a good old fashioned butt-kicking workout, such as hiking or jogging, these intense physical activities offer a great workout for any outdoor junkie.
However, not every workout needs to involve steep hills, lifting weights or four-mile hikes through the woods in order to gain significant health benefits. There are many simple workouts that provide just as much, if not more, health perks than your traditional outdoor workout. One such activity is the practice of yoga.
Dating back nearly 6,000 years, yoga is a beneficial practice that helps to bring the mind and the body into harmony, while also helping to shed stress, depression and anxiety at the same time. Many people who regularly practice yoga also believe that this relaxing workout can offer a spiritually cleansing experience, which also has its own significant health benefits.
Primarily, yoga focuses on three different activities which work together to bring full-body health and harmony: breathing, meditation and posture. Breath work helps to improve lung capacity, circulation and efficiency of oxygen consumption. Good posture develops core strength, balance and mobility. Meditation lowers the heart rate and the blood pressure.
If you are interested in learning about the many health and wellness benefits that come along with yoga first-hand, we have put together the basic information that you need to take the next step and start enjoying this activity yourself:
Preparing For Your Workout
One of the biggest advantages of yoga is the fact that it can be practiced almost anywhere, without any need for special equipment or gear. If you are someone who enjoys working out in your own home, choose a place that is relatively free from distractions and is clean and well ventilated. Using a mat, blanket or towel will provide the necessary support needed for lying or sitting positions.
However, while many great yoga books and videos are available for people who are looking to try yoga at home, there is no substitute for learning first hand from a good yoga teacher, especially if it is your first time trying this activity.
Basic Yoga Workout
There are many different variations of yoga that you can try out, depending on your experience and skill level. However, for most beginners, a hatha or vinyasa class will be most appropriate, depending on whether you want a slow or fast-paced class.
No matter what type of yoga workout you decide on, most classes follow a general pattern of poses:
·         Warm-up exercises
·         Standing poses
·         Sitting poses
·         Twists
·         Supine and prone poses
·         Backbends
·         Finishing poses
You always begin with the easy poses, that way you can condition and prepare your body for the more difficult exercises that are sure to follow. However, if you are just starting out, make sure that you do not strain yourself or continue if you feel pain or fatigue during your poses.
Yoga is a great physical activity for someone who is looking to exercise both their mind and body. However, deciding that you want to start this activity is simply the first step. Be sure to follow our tips above if you want to learn firsthand the many benefits that yoga can bring.
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