Dave's World I've Got To Give Ice Fishing a Try...
Posted By:David Schuster
Posted On:Feb 4 2010 3:58PM

I took my kids to check in on Cousin Tom and his team.  We hadn’t seen him for too long and Uncle Stu had joined him for the event, so the kids and I went onto the ice to check out some ice fishing.  The ice was very smooth and often clear, which can definitely give you the heebie-jeebies.  Cruse and I both had Sorel boots on which kept us warm, but we needed to be vigilantly focused on how we moved about.  Uncle Stu wore Yaktraks and as expected, was nonchalant on the ice.

We walked a circuit of ice holes with Tom; and he cleared newly formed ice and checked the tip up devices (spool of fishing line with indicator flag, set on base that sits across ice hole) rested over the holes. Katie asked about the bait and our teacher graciously pulled up the line and we saw a healthy little minnow.  We also learned about tents on the ice…their warm.  Logan (Tom’s son) and his buddy were nice and toasty inside the tent (heated), where they were jigging with artificial bait.  Our sensei indulged us with the unusually rewarding experience of cutting ice, it was cool to take the hand auger and spin a hole through nine inches of ice.  Thanks Tom!!  We knew we wouldn’t be able to fish that afternoon, but the appeal was obvious:  you could comfortably hang out with family and enjoy an exotic place in your own backyard.  The kids were rolling around on the ice most of the time doing belly and knee slides, they were both in insulated outerwear for skiing by Obermeyer, Patagonia Capiliene base layer, OR gloves, ski hats by Prana and Smartwool, socks by Darn Tough, and sunglasses by Optic Nerve. 
Hook up with a family member who can mentor your adventures on the ice or talk to a guide service, check out John Reddy (Reddy’s Guide Service).  Only go on the ice when you know it is safe, ask people with experience.

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