Adventures of Oregon Laura In The Beginning....
Posted By:Laura Luksich
Posted On:Mar 10 2010 11:26PM

I’m back!  Yes, it’s Laura Luksich, otherwise known as the “other” Laura that packed up and moved the family (husband – Aaron, twin boys: Gabriel and Evan born May 5, 2007) out to Medford, Oregon - down in the southwest corner of Oregon, about 2 ½ hours to the Pacific Ocean, 30 miles to the California border, and surrounded by mountains.

I most recently had a super adrenaline rush (or momentary lapse in judgment) and signed up for the Siskiyou Out Back 50K on July 10 – the SOB.  I must not have learned my lesson from running my first marathon last May – the Ave of the Giants Marathon in Humboldt Redwoods State Park, California – I lost my two big toenails for the summer, formed huge bubbling blisters that covered my feet, and couldn’t really walk for a day or two afterwards. 

Or maybe I did learn my lesson:  train smarter, go bigger.

I’m by no means a fast or hardcore runner.  I just love being outside, taking in all the scenery, and enjoy that feeling of accomplishment when I finish something really challenging.  Thankfully, I have two friends that have signed up for this race with me, and two others that will be running the 15K.  We meet every Sunday for a long run on the trails around and outside of Ashland.  We are all moms of two kids ranging in ages from eight down to two years old, have full time jobs, and have caught the ultra bug that seems to be very contagious out here.

Left to Right: Me, Kouba, Sara, Courtney, Brooke on a Sunday run

I mentioned go bigger, here are my plans for this year:
1. March 13: Tar N Trail 6 mile around Ashland, OR
2. June 27: Pacific Crest Triathlon – Olympic distance (my first triathlon!)
3. July 10: Siskiyou Out Back 50K outside of Ashland, OR
4. October 16: San Francisco Nike Women’s marathon (in it for the Tiffany’s)

The point of this blog:
1. Find out what works and what doesn’t with training, trails, and gear
2. Help others with training tips and relief from general boredom throughout the day
3. Well, just for the heck of it.

So off I go, and I hope you'll join me.  I’m pulling on my Smartwool socks, lacing up my Brooks ASRs, and I’m ready to head out the door.  In the words of Foofa, from Yo Gabba Gabba (all you parents out there, you know what I’m talking about): “Run, run, run…. It’s fun, fun, fun.”

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  •  Posted By: Aaron Luksich
     Posted On: Mar 18 2010 1:21AM 
    From Aaron - smiles and waves
  •  Posted By: Laura Luksich
     Posted On: Mar 17 2010 12:20PM 
    I'm super pumped Clear Water Outdoor will be represented at the SOB! I couldn't ask for better motivation and better people to run this with me. And yes, Aaron does wave and smiles at every single car he passes. Thank you for the inspiring words Dave!
  •  Posted By: David Schuster
     Posted On: Mar 17 2010 8:16AM 
    Okay, here we go! I have used Laura's energy and her invitation to "come out and run the SOB 50k" to committ. I signed up a couple of days ago and I have started the first ever team Clear Water Outdoor trail running team. We have currently registered four friends and we are scooping up the writer of this blog. Laura please teach me everything I need to know, so I have the energy to keep partying all day with you guys. Team rule #1 Represent. (encourage and enhance peoples' outdoor active pursuits, by preparing for this race). I am working on the rest of the team contract. Here is the team so far: Laura Luksich (we will learn plenty from this blog), Aaron Luksich (Laura's husband, perhaps the nicest man on the planet, he waves to auto traffic when we have run together...every car), Jen Sallee (another ambassador of love, who is our close friend, a wife, a mom, and a great daughter!), Caleb Chatfield (he is in line with our "nice people" theme, he has farm boy manners and metropolitan wisdom), and myself (I am scared of running that far, but am hopeful that I can inspire people to 'do').
  •  Posted By: Aaron Luksich
     Posted On: Mar 11 2010 1:34AM 
    I love this woman!
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